Next page: Same lady

I’d almost forgotten about the carte de visite album I’ve been sharing with you.  Here is the next photo pairs.


At first glance I thought this is the same woman with photos taken at the same time.   But when I zoomed in on the photos I decided the dress was different. The dress on the left seems to be lighter in color. The buttons are bigger and spaced wider apart on the left. The collar on the left is the same material as the main part of the dress and the collar on the right is taller and made of the same material as the contrast part of the dress.  The hair style is the same and the watch chain is the same.  In the face only one, she is wearing earrings but not in the full length photo.  The photo on the right the face is fuller and appears younger to me.  What do you think?  Same woman different time?



Once they are out of the album, you clearly see that the photographers and location are different.  So definitely, they were taken at different times.  So now what do you think?  Same woman significantly different times?  (Isn’t the details on the over skirt and cuffs of the dress in the full length photo yummy!)

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