Hair work workshop

On the last outing with the Victorian at Heart group, I had a nice chat with Lottie in the car and she mentioned a hair work lecture at Dalnavert Museum.  It sounded cool so I decided to sign up for it.  I wasn’t sure if she had signed up or was just thinking about it so I wasn’t sure if I’d see her there.  She was there!


We were working on some of the techniques used in Victorian hair wreaths.  Lottie chose blond hair and I chose black. (For the workshop, we were using fake hair but both Lottie and I want to try it with our own hair.)


I think they turned out rather well for first attempts!


The class was put on by Sandra Klowak.

Sandra is an amazing artist who has put a modern slant on an old technique.




During the question and answer portion, it came up that now a days, people seem to want to have little things made from their pet’s hair.  Ginger, my dog, is probably wondering why I keep looking at her tail!

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