Turn the pages: and here are the rest of them…

Most of the remaining photographs are more modern so I’m just going to throw them all out there with only a few comments. First up…some dapper dudes.


In the photo on the right there is this guy lurking in the back.  Looks like a gangster.  Just sayin’. On the back it says “Richard, Ralph and self”.   And here is a couple… looks 1920’s to me but I’m no expert.


On the back there is written “Beatrice the eldest and her husband. he is a famer at North Deighton Wetherby”.

Love the doggy in this next one!


Next to the doggy photo there is another guy on his own.


A few pages later, this guy has a photo taken with a woman.  I guess these are not in any kind of chronological order. On the back of the next photo is written, “Taken at Field House May 1930.  Father 82 Dorothy 22.


The building is for the news Paper “The Public Ledger” in Philadelphia.


My guess is the next two photos are the same family but different times. And the lurking guy in the background and kid with the crossed arms from the first set of photos are the same people.  The back has written Nellie Ralph and self.  So Ralph is the kid.  Self is the lurker. That makes the guy in the top photo Richard.



Then there is this random photo of Victorian kids thrown in…


Then back to more modern things.  Love the old guys beard!


Then there is a house and a SUPER cute kid on a great toy (that I would have loved as a kid!) On the back of her photo are the words “Joyce Lister 1 year June 30th 1930”.


On the back of the photo of the house…”Our home taken last Thanksgiving Day”.

A couple of older ladies with their dog.  Looks like a friendly beast!


This last phot had some writing on the back.


And finally the back cover has some newspaper drawing glued onto the back.  I guess I should try and figure out who they are so that I can possibly figure out where the book comes from.IMG_20181014_201912813.jpg



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