Not dead

I’ve been neglecting this space and I am sorry.  Life is just…well life.  This past week for example has been overwhelming to say the least!

A week ago Friday, I tripped and hurt my knee which made me struggle with walking for about 3 days.

Then last Monday, my first born and his wife left the country to travel for 7 months.  When that 7 months is done, they will decide which country they will live in.  That same day, my youngest son took over my oldest son’s apartment.  He moved out and I have an empty nest.

Last Tuesday, I found out the reason why my mother did not come to the airport to see her oldest grandchild off…she was in Emergency with a racing heart.  Sigh.

Last Wednesday, it was confirmed (what I feared) that come January my work position will be cut in half because of budget cuts.  Work saves money and I loose money.  Suddenly, I will have way more time so may be this will mean I will finish projects I’ve abandoned and start projects I’ve been dreaming of.

I’m trying to focus on silver linings.  The oldest boy perhaps moving to another country will expand my opportunities to travel.  The youngest boy moving out means I have succeeded as a parent and launched two functioning adults.  My knee healed after only 3 days.  The hospital was able to settle my mom’s heart and she is now being followed by a cardiologist.  And soon I will have time to finish projects, prep my house for downsizing, take care of my own health, and look at other types of work that I have been wondering about.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out and waiting for me to get back to work on this blog!


2 thoughts on “Not dead

  1. severn14 says:

    *hugs* Sometimes life is just too intense. I’m glad you have some silver linings to those clouds.

  2. Leiflynn Jeffery says:

    *hugs* as well. Moving to another country! Yikes. You have been pretty busy and hope now everything has settled back down, crappy about the job cut. Silver lining …you will find something else to do. Anyway hang in there.

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