Annual tradition: a look back at completed projects

Every time I have done one of these, I have been amazed at how much I have accomplished.  Not so much this year.  Unless you count all the coloring I have done…which I don’t.  Though coloring is fun and is a creative outlet, I perhaps should ease up on that a bit this year in favor of producing more useful items.

Most of my accomplishment seem to be in the knitting and crochet genre.



I made one purse but hated the way it hung so I went out a bought a purse and now use the one I made as a project bag.


The one costume I made was Olive.  Olive and I may see ourselves this summer in a movie about the Winnipeg General Strike.


Okay, Wanda!  Less coloring and more creating in 2019!  Especially, once my job hours get reduced!  No excuses!


Godey’s Lady’s Book Jan 1859

As a little Christmas treat for you, I photographed some of my favorite pages from the Godey’s Lady’s book I got a few months back.


The next picture goes with a story later on in the magazine.


These seem to be patterns for beaded purses.


I love the color plates! The red dress is so pretty!


Another line drawing.


Then a series of fashions.






Here is the floor plan for a cottage.  Nothing like any cottage I have ever been in.  Mansion, yes; cottage, no.


A vague sewing pattern for a nice bodice.


Then a sock pattern that I got all excited about…


until I realized that it doesn’t seem to tell you anything about wool size or how many stitches to cast on.  They don’t seem to say anything about the ribbing…I guess they assume that is obvious.   A couple of the abbreviations are a mystery but I think they are indications to wrap the wool around the needle to create the lacey holes.  The look is pretty but I doubt these will become socks in my lifetime.

Christmas on a dime

Because of a (hopefully temporary) loss of hours at work, hubby and I decided this needed to be a frugal Christmas.  The kids are independent adults now so they “get” the concept of budgeting and belt tightening so they are not asking for big things.  Boy number 1 (the world traveler) just wants to video chat on the day.  Good thing because mailing him anything with Canada Post on strike (again) he’d never get anything on time so it would be a waste of time.  Boy number 2 recently left the nest so all he wants is some house hold supplies… doable.

Hubby and I decided to stick mainly to inexpensive stocking stuffers so Dollarama was my go to place.  I did want to get him a few other things to unwrap so Value Village was my next stop.  I didn’t do to badly there.  Possible lesson learned: Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank.

My annual tradition is to buy myself a Christmas gift (as a reward for braving the stores) and I scored in the book section.  I got myself a couple of coloring books…the favorite being this one. IMG_20181220_191411004.jpg

Its coloring and a guessing game!

I bought myself a how to book. IMG_20181220_183656249.jpg

I know how to do most of this and obviously, there is YouTube. But I wanted it because it does have one section on lace making that I wanted to have in hard copy (so I can refer to it while watching Netflix).  I scored a tatting shuttle awhile back and I need to learn how to use it.  IMG_20181220_183730286.jpg

Hope you guys are getting on top of your Christmas to-do list!




Year in Review: Dresses worn this year

When you make these dresses, you sure hope you get some use out of them.  Because of some cancelled outings, I didn’t wear as many as I would have liked but some did get used.

In May, my 1861 Senora dress went to the old fort.16

And 1845 Atessa went to Kildonan Cemetary and Church.


My 1903 skirt and blousewaist went to Dalnavert Museum at the end of May.


In July, my medieval costume was worn at the Cook’s Creek Medieval Festival.


1909 Olive made an appearance as a movie extra in August.


And the last outing was in October for the annual train robbery.  I wore an 1895 walking outfit.4

6 out of 20 worn this year.  Hopefully, next year, there wont be so many cancelled trips so more of my children can get out and play.


Last years goals

Last year I posted my non-resolution goals.  I use the word non-resolution because New Year’s Resolutions have a negative connotation to me…things that cause me stress and then later disappointment.  Goals are things to strive for.  If you achieve them-GREAT, if not, oh well, try again next year.  Even a slight amount of progress towards a goal is a win.  Slight progress on a resolution feels like a loss to me.  Yes, yes, semantics….tomato-tomahto.

Anyway one goal was to reduce the stuff in my house because the amount is overwhelming.  I have been pretty good about ditching old clothes that don’t fit or I don’t like any more.  In terms of my blog topics, I have reduced my UFO pile.  My Olive dress is the best example of that!


I had hoped to start/finish the corset and pink and blue dress but that is a no.  But I did at least decide on what the purple fabric Lottie picked up for me in the States would be.

In terms of my knitting hoard, I have managed to finish a few projects and I did unravel one that I have no desire to finish.  The unraveling started in the past few weeks. Two things happened. My last born moved out so now I have a holding ground (his old room) for things that I have gone through and want to keep but need to store until I clean out their new storage place.  The second thing is my hours at work got cut in half. I have been starting to reduce stuff during this new spare time.  (It doesn’t take effect until January but I have to use up some vacation time first.)

So not a blazing success but progress and that is a win.

Now as I look around at some of my Christmas crap that I have put up, I realize there are some that I just don’t love any more and I think they are hitting a box for donation…perhaps today.

Stitch and Bitch

Life stressors continue but nothing like an afternoon out with a chum to brighten the day!  Shirley and I went out for a Stitch and Bitch and gift exchange.  Lottie couldn’t attend so we may have to do it again some time so we can get our gifts to her!  We missed you Lottie!

Since my birthday is coming up, Shirley gave me my gift first.


A beautiful pattern for 1912 outfits (love the purple one!) and a button hook.  Now I need some American Duchess button shoes….

Then we did the Christmas gifts…20181202_143422

Shirley gave me some fun sewing machine fabric…I don’t know yet what I will make but it sure will be fun what ever it is!  She also gave me a house wife’s sewing kit and some cool light up crochet hooks.

I happened to bring a crochet project to the Stitch and Bitch so I tried one of the hooks out.  I really liked it!  I especially liked the shape of it.  My hand didn’t tire out so quick.  I liked the light too and it will be especially useful in my somewhat dark living room.


I gave Shirley an 1890’s catalogue.  It is in very sad shape but the pictures inside are still very clear.  I gave her some Dorset buttons that I made and a few retro cards and post cards.  I also gave her a thimble but somehow managed to chop that out of the photograph.

Neither of us are rolling in cash but I must say, we did a pretty good job of getting some really cool gifts.  So much easier to get gifts for like minded friends!  You’re next Lottie!