Unintended comedy!

I recently came into possession of this book.


The cover is in sad shape (missing the back cover and the front cover is completely detached) but the interior is in good shape.

It was written by Marion Harland in 1889.


I have started reading it and I’m getting some surprising enjoyment out of it.  Her language is not too formal (Victorian books can be very hard to read for that reason) and she is unintentionally funny.

The first chapter is about the difference between a house keeper and a home maker.  The house keeper is described as a person who keeps an immaculate home.  She dusts and cleans every nook and corner everyday, including the hanging pictures.  And once a week she takes the pictures off the wall and dusts the hooks and cords.  She describes this woman as a person who makes her friends feel inferior and who drives her children out because of exhaustion from cleaning.

Here is the funny part.  A home maker is not so anal. She may only dust her picture hooks and cords only every 6 weeks but her family is happier in this chaos!  Hahaha!  My family must be in bliss because my pictures may get dusted once a year and I have never in my life dusted the hooks and cords!  Not even when packing to move!

Sorry, that struck me as hilarious!

2 thoughts on “Unintended comedy!

  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    This book sounds amazing! I can’t even imagine going to such lengths when it comes to cleaning, it seems like you’d never have time for anything else! No thanks, Marion, I have much more interesting things to do! Lol.

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