Too cold for that: how to meet your neighbors!

It’s one of my days off so hubby arranged to have one of our cars tuned up.  We each drove our cars to the mechanic (me with the dog in the car).  We left one car and the three of us drove towards home.

Hubby had to work so he dropped me off a few blocks from home and the dog and I walked home.  It was fricken cold.


The dog has done her “thing” and I’m freezing and we are now home.  I punch in the code on the garage door…several times…but it refused to open.  (Apparently, older batteries stop working in bitter cold.) I looked down at my purse.  I know I have no keys for the front door.  Never had.  I always go through the garage door if the house is locked up.  And I know I locked up before we left.  I also know my phone is not in my purse.  I forgot it on the couch.

I was thinking about how the dog and I will die in the cold when I saw a neighbor.  Apparently, I ‘m not the only one on the street that didn’t go to work on a Thursday morning!  (Thank God for other people’s vacation!)  I have waved at them a few times, exchanged pleasantries on nice summer evenings but I wouldn’t say I know them.  Hubby is more extroverted than I and he knows them fairly well, but I don’t.  Anyway, the good souls let me use their phone to call hubby to come back and let me in.  And while I waited on their couch, I got to know them better.

Good thing the neighbors are warm when the weather is cold.


2 thoughts on “Too cold for that: how to meet your neighbors!

  1. severn14 says:

    Getting locked out during bad weather is the worst! I’ve had that happen to me a couple times. Glad that you have nice neighbours!

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