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Hi all,

Still trying to get myself back up to speed after being on vacation mode so, no, I am not dead…just busy.  I did get to Dalnavert Museum this weekend to do some volunteering.  It was a quiet day, only one tour, but I did manage to catch up with a Costume Museum board member who also volunteers at Dalnavert.  Always good to get caught up.

I did intend to walk through the house with my camera to get a couple of photos to share here today but, you know, I was talking….

In lieu of personal photos, I will share the link to Dalnavert’s blog. There is a wealth of well research info there about Dalnavert and Victorian life.

Have a good week.

Trip to Tulum

The hubby and I went to Tulum for a tour. It was built sometime in the 1200’s…long before Canada was a twinkle in the European world’s eye. The above photo is of the Temple of the Creator.

Below is a photo of an area that was a house. They found skulls in there and they believe they were family members buried under the house to protect the rest of the family.

Hubby and I behind the main Temple, called the Castle. Below is a full veiw of the city with the Castle in the center.

The above photo is of the leaders house. Below is one of the most popular photo spots of the Temple of the Moon god.

Outside the gift shop I found a kindred spirit.

Vacation highlights

I am sitting on my balcony in Mexico. I have a great view of a parking lot thinly masked by palm trees. Not a great view but it is warm and the bird sounds are nice. The room has been less than stellar but the hotel itself is pretty, the food is good and there are tons of animals to see.

I have yet to get a good shot of the howler monkeys, coatis, iguanas and geckos we’ve seen.

Canadian cloud finished

Canadian clouds are a Victorian thing.  They are basically thin shawls or fat scarfs for the head.  Any stitch pattern seems to be what was practiced but it should come across as light and fluffy, like a cloud.  I finished mine.  Well, basically I finished it because I ran out of wool.  I’d really like the thing to be longer…at least 1 ball longer.  Two balls wasn’t enough BUT I think it is good enough.  It will do the trick.  I don’t often costume in the winter so this isn’t a crisis.