The joys of pattern matching

I got all my bodice pieces flat lined  and assembled this weekend.  I really got a kick out of how nicely the patterns matched up.  Not perfect but pretty nicely!  On the front, the spot near the neck line is a bit off. IMG_20190330_154553879.jpg

This is the other not perfect bit…but close enough for this cowgirl.


Next step is trimming all the seams.  I’m hoping the trimming and my natural fluffiness will fix this issue at the breast area…IMG_20190330_154559721.jpg

Because of fraying, I’m going to need to finish all the seams.  That will be an evening or two of hand sewing.

2 thoughts on “The joys of pattern matching

  1. severn14 says:

    Oooh I love the stripe placement!

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