Tea time Edwardian style

Lottie and I went out for tea this past weekend (we missed you Shirley!)  We went to MacDonald House in Stonewall.


The house is an Edwardian house with the claim to fame of being the home of one of our war heroes.


We had a lovely tea and quiche meal.


After tea, we wandered around through the tea house’s gift shop.  We found a mirror where we could photograph ourselves together.


After that we went across the street to a second hand store.  It was a pleasant day pretending to be ladies out for tea and shopping.

3 thoughts on “Tea time Edwardian style

  1. graceathome says:

    You both look lovely!

  2. Leiflynn Jeffery says:

    Could Lottie do a tutorial on her hat or could you give more close ups of it. What did she use for a base? You guys look just great. Appreciate seeing you all dressed up. Thanks again.

    • I will ask Lottie to send me some close ups and some tips on the hat. I do know that she made the base herself. She sewed the rows of straw into the shape she wanted! Amazing eh!?

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