Few of my favorite things in the Conservatory

It has been awhile since I last volunteered at Dalnavert House…May, I think.  There has been a lot going on in my life and I just haven’t made the time and effort to get back there this summer.  But I do have some photos from one of my last times there.

I wouldn’t say that I adore the individual items in the conservatory but I do like the over all effect of those items in the room itself.  I think that if I lived in that house, it is a room I’d spend a lot of time in.


Dig you notice the open sewing box on the right side of the the above photo?  It has lovely pictures on its sides.


This room would be nice on a cool winter day to sit in the sun reading or knitting.

I like the idea of a pet bird having a sunny room to be in.  But may be in a bigger cage!


If you ever get to Winnipeg, do go and see Dalnavert!

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