The older couple and the 20 something girl

Old photo albums are a joy to me.  And the hoarder in me, loves to pick them up and gaze at the fashions and wonder about the lives.  The next page I’m sharing from my last acquisition is an older couple and a younger girl.

Sorry about the blurry picture.  I’m too lazy to redo that one.


The girl looks to be in her 20’s wearing 20’s styles.  Not my thing.  It doesn’t excite me much.  The older couple is harder to peg.


My guess is an older woman’s take on Edwardian fashions.  The black lace on that bodice is yummy!  And the older dude is rocking that beard!  Put a man bun on him and he would fit right into today’s styles!

After a speedy search on the internet, I found a few references to the photographer S Belle in Fraserville that implied he was working in the 19teens. Assuming those people did their research better than I did, we can say this may back up my theory on the date of the card.

7 thoughts on “The older couple and the 20 something girl

  1. Very nice! You can tell he’s smiling by his eyes.

  2. Kate says:

    Do you have a FB account, or is there any way I can follow you by email? I don’t want to miss a post, and I’d love to share this blog with my daughter, who does quite a bit of historical sewing.

  3. Kate says:

    (hoping checking notify me of new posts under the comment box will subscribe me…)

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