Bit by the lazy bug

I didn’t post last week.  I was bit by the lazy bug.


OK, I admit it.  That was not a lazy bug.  This big guy is a baby Luna moth (I think).  The hubby found him while walking the dog.  After his photo shoot with me, he was returned to the wild.

I also found something in my travels.


There is a bit of a hobby that I dabbled in a year or two ago…Winnipeg rocks.  People paint rocks and then hide them and hope that others will find them and post it on Facebook. They also hope that their rock is well loved and kept as a treasure or it is re-hidden and hopefully found again and posted about so that the painter can follow the travels of their rock. Some rocks even leave the country!  I like the rock I found so it will stay with me…for awhile anyway.

Next post will be historical fashion, I promise!

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