Wonderful weddings

I’m making the assumption that the next two photos in my latest album purchase are wedding photos.  And I think they are about 25 years apart.

The first is from around the 1890’s if the sleeves are anything to go by.


Early 90’s if you go by the hair.  The gown is stunning!

There is a single name on the back.


I can’t quite make it out.  Paine Gerret? Peirre Verret? I don’t think it is the name of either of the people on the front.  Usually, when we write the name of the subjects we write everyone’s name…unless it is a large group like a class photo or hockey team.  I know that when I have handed out school photos, I write the name of the person I intend to give it to so I can keep track of who got what in the handing out phase.  I’m thinking that this is a possible reason for the single name.

Our next couple is from 1918.



I love it when the photos come with some solid information.

6 thoughts on “Wonderful weddings

  1. Very handsome young couples. I’d guess Pierre Verret or Verrel. I love the hairstyles of both women! The dried (?) plant in the second photo is unusual and interesting.

  2. severn14 says:

    Maybe Pierce? Love the photos! They look very wedding or engagement-y. The women are dressed beautifully.

  3. knittingjane says:

    Fabulous dresses. Are they leg of mutton sleeves in the Victorian snap? 😎

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