Staycation:explore a store

Last weekend, I took a “staycation” and I did a bunch of fun little things.

Monday was my 30th wedding anniversary so hubby and I went out for a nice meal.  Unfortunately, I left a pot on the stove and that gave us a wondrous late evening project of trying to get all the smoke out of the house.  The stench of burnt Teflon has been the gift that keeps on giving a week later.  The chicken I was trying to cook to make my fussy diabetic dog want to eat her “healthy” dog food was reduced to black ashes.  Not a shining star moment to be sure!

Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment followed by a massage.  The massage was wonderful and I felt very invigorated afterwards so, instead of walking home, I walked to the grocery store to replace the incinerated chicken.  As I walked through the store, feeling so good, I decided I’d do my grocery shopping a day earlier.  It wasn’t until I got through the check out that I remembered I had lent my car to my daughter-in-law.  After the short walk home carrying 8 heavy bags of groceries (one of which got lighter once the jar of pickles ripped through the bag and smashed on the concrete) I no longer felt relaxed and invigorated.

Wednesday, I went and had coffee with my mother.  On my way home, I stopped by a store to explore.  It was a store that I just couldn’t figure out how it stayed open.  21

How do you make money selling rocks?

When I first went in, I was surprised at how big it was.  I started walking around and found what you’d expect in a rock shop…rocks.


Amber, my favorite rocks.


Rock paraphernalia, including things for people who are into the belief in the power of rocks and crystals.


Then I looked up and saw a random corner of antiques for sale. Yes, I squealed.


Isn’t this cute!

Next to the antiques was the store pet, Frank.

Frank was in the little nook where you could sit and have some tea.


Next to Frank was some books for sale and next to those was the store pet birds.


The birds sat next to the Crazy Dutchman man. People can pick a geode out of the barrels and break them open to see the insides. To the left of that, there was a water trough where you can pan for gold (pyrite).

For folks into fossils there was much to pick from.

I found something hubby would like…shark teeth.


I now see how this store survives!  It was highly entertaining and there was a few things I could want and afford!


It seems a bit odd, but I think it could be a fun little place to do a costumed outing.  There are a couple of photo spots and having a cup of tea would be nice.   Perhaps after seeing the cemetery down the street….

4 thoughts on “Staycation:explore a store

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery says:

    What a neat place! So sorry your massage was undone carrying all your groceries and breaking the pickles. Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. severn14 says:

    Ugh, not a great start to the week, but I’m glad it got better. I see that store all the time when we take our dog to the vet, but have never gone in. Looks really interesting!

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