Staycation:animal visits

On Thursday of my vacation, I stayed home and puttered.  Mostly trying (unsuccessfully) to get the smell of burnt tephlon out of my house.

Friday, my daughter-in-law and I went out to visit my brother.  He and his wife love animals and they own and foster a crap load of them!


The chickens are usually free range during the day but there has been some issues with predators so they got a puppy that is supposed to be good with protecting livestock.  Until the puppy grows up and figures out its role, the chickens are cooped up.


Me and a cute frog (and the brother and a fore mentioned puppy).


No! Don’t jump!


My brother is fostering 3 kittens and their mostly feral mother (who will be spayed and released once the kids are grown.)


Do you think my brother and my hubby will notice if they come home with me?

Saturday, hubby and I went to the zoo.  It was a cool sunny day so the animals were all out and active.


While viewing the bears, we noticed a HUGE spider on the window over the hubby’s head.

I saw my favorite animal.38

Alas, it was only made out of bark.


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