Would try these?

I was skimming through some of my old books this weekend and came across some recipe’s I’d consider trying.


Thankfully, I wouldn’t be trying them on a wood stove!

The book with the recipes is…


Let me know if you’d try these recipes.


A possible solution to all the Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers.  I’m sure turkey would work too.


Indian meal would be what we call corn meal.  Mace is the outer layer of nutmeg so I’m guessing nutmeg would work too.  A farina kettle is what we would call a double boiler. Can you even find those now? I would try the typical oven temperature and time for muffins.  Trial and error!


A quick oven would be about 400-425 degrees.  Again, trial and error for the time!


Indian meal is corn meal. The last instruction is a bit misleading.  You don’t bake them, you fry them.  A muffin ring is like a metal cookie cutter.  Mason jar lids would work too. The rings, hold the dough in its shape until the frying is done.


Okay…this sounds good to me but no way hubby would eat it!  The bread might be too soggy though.  But, I’d give it a go!

What do you think?  Worth giving it a try?


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