It makes me laugh

Just a couple of random stories that show my warped sense of humor.

As you know, I work with seniors who have dementia.  This week we played a game I call “Gone Hunting”.  I drew a bear on a white board and had my peeps shoot him with a Nerf gun.


Right over the bear we have a clock hanging.


Every time they hit it, I said they were killing time.  And since they have dementia, it was hilariously funny EVERY TIME!

My other funny story is I’ve been to the dentist today.  I’m not a fan.  I’ve had some bad ones that really should have been working in a dungeon under a medieval castle.  That is saying a lot for me.  As a migraine sufferer, I have a very high tolerance for pain…but not in the mouth.

This has lead to years of avoiding the bastards  profession all together.  Anyway, I sucked it up because I know that avoiding them is yet another bad health decision on my part.  This new dentist doesn’t want me avoiding her for years so for my cleaning she took pity on me and froze me up.  I now can’t smile properly…

IMG_20200122_172501710.jpgAnd my kissy face has lost its sexual appeal…


So if this were the Victorian era I’d probably NEVER see a dentist unless I absolutely had too.  If I can be a baby with dentistry with the liberal use of freezing, imagine what I’d be like if dentistry consisted of a blacksmith/farrier with a pair of pliers and a strong set of biceps.


I wanted it, didn’t need it and talked myself out of it

My last post was about liking thrift store items and buying them even though I didn’t need them.

This post is proof that I do have some self control!  As you may or may not know, I love elephants.  I have them everywhere.  I saw a picture that would go nicely in my living room (I’d have to remove other pictures from the wall to make it fit).  I took a photo of it because I knew I would walk away from it.  I knew that I’d be moving into the realm of “silly” if I bought it!


The thing that pushed it over the top was not the shiny back ground but the fact that it was in 3D.


It is for the best.  I likely would have taken my eye out with a tusk if I bought it and hung it!

Not photographed was a brush and mirror set I almost bought.  I thought it looked a bit Victorian and would add to my sewing room decor but, once I got to the cash register, I decided it didn’t. So no photo.

As far as Victorian stuff…my video restrictions actually had me using time to mend the skirt I ripped during my last costume event.


I still need to fix a bunch of hooks and eyes on the bodice before I can put it away.  I wish I had ladies maid to deal with that kind of thing!

Don’t need it but I want it!

I went thrifting today.  I found a few things I liked.  A mini oil lamp to add to my display in my sewing room.


A cute pocket watch…very modern but has some potential for costuming.


A small clutch.  I had considered it as an accessory for the dress I’m currently working on but, though the colors work, I think it is to modern and ethnic looking so I will probably use it for going to dinner while on vacation.


What happens when you put down your phone

For New Years, I carried over a few goals from last year.  They were valid goals, that are not yet achieved but showed signs of working.

1) Do not buy more wool.  I have a hoard that rivals a dragons treasure trove both in size in monetary value.

2) Make this a stash busting/ UFO pile shrinking year.

This year I will amend goal 1 to include fabric.  I was given a lot of high quality fabric last year so there is absolutely no need for me to buy more.

Goal 2 was not as successful as it could have been because I allowed myself to get into the time vortex also known as phone video games. So this year I have added a third goal…

3) Delete all games that do not have a built in way to restrict play.  In other words, no games that do not have a set number of lives that end the play time once they are used up.

And I have added a forth goal.

4) Use the new found time to work on goal 2 as well as time doing other hobbies I have left behind and to connect more with family, friends and myself.  No point in becoming a boring, shallow hermit!

I am happy to say, I see progress!  I have finally finished decorating the bodice of the dress I have been working on (ignoring) for over a year!


The inspiration is this dress from the Met…1856-58 Museum of Fine Arts Boston a

There are 4 more tassels to be added but I think those will wait until further along in the sewing process.  The two on the points at the bottom of the bodice need to go on once the hem is done and the two on the stomach of the bodice may or may not go on.  I need the dress to be further along before I can decide if I like them or not.

I am pleased to say that having more time has also meant my sewing room is looking a little less like ruins after a bombing.  Actually want to be in there again!


Year in review: completed projects

I think I was slightly more productive than I was last year but not at all productive in the Victorian era items.  It’s been over year since I’ve finished a dress.  Not that I need more dresses….

This year I completed a lot of modern items…mostly baby things.  Some of which did eventually find a home.


Lost these…grrr.



Hated this.  I won’t be trying this technique anytime soon.


Found a home.


Found a home…the blanket, not the dog.  The dog stays here.



Made one kinda random thing…


Dress for the doggy.

And my Victorian items…!


This year I resolve to stash bust and UFO bust.  I also resolve to stop wasting so much time on video games!