What happens when you put down your phone

For New Years, I carried over a few goals from last year.  They were valid goals, that are not yet achieved but showed signs of working.

1) Do not buy more wool.  I have a hoard that rivals a dragons treasure trove both in size in monetary value.

2) Make this a stash busting/ UFO pile shrinking year.

This year I will amend goal 1 to include fabric.  I was given a lot of high quality fabric last year so there is absolutely no need for me to buy more.

Goal 2 was not as successful as it could have been because I allowed myself to get into the time vortex also known as phone video games. So this year I have added a third goal…

3) Delete all games that do not have a built in way to restrict play.  In other words, no games that do not have a set number of lives that end the play time once they are used up.

And I have added a forth goal.

4) Use the new found time to work on goal 2 as well as time doing other hobbies I have left behind and to connect more with family, friends and myself.  No point in becoming a boring, shallow hermit!

I am happy to say, I see progress!  I have finally finished decorating the bodice of the dress I have been working on (ignoring) for over a year!


The inspiration is this dress from the Met…1856-58 Museum of Fine Arts Boston a

There are 4 more tassels to be added but I think those will wait until further along in the sewing process.  The two on the points at the bottom of the bodice need to go on once the hem is done and the two on the stomach of the bodice may or may not go on.  I need the dress to be further along before I can decide if I like them or not.

I am pleased to say that having more time has also meant my sewing room is looking a little less like ruins after a bombing.  Actually want to be in there again!


2 thoughts on “What happens when you put down your phone

  1. graceathome says:

    Good luck with your more productive year! You also picked a fabric that need so much matching up. You did an amazing job!

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