I wanted it, didn’t need it and talked myself out of it

My last post was about liking thrift store items and buying them even though I didn’t need them.

This post is proof that I do have some self control!  As you may or may not know, I love elephants.  I have them everywhere.  I saw a picture that would go nicely in my living room (I’d have to remove other pictures from the wall to make it fit).  I took a photo of it because I knew I would walk away from it.  I knew that I’d be moving into the realm of “silly” if I bought it!


The thing that pushed it over the top was not the shiny back ground but the fact that it was in 3D.


It is for the best.  I likely would have taken my eye out with a tusk if I bought it and hung it!

Not photographed was a brush and mirror set I almost bought.  I thought it looked a bit Victorian and would add to my sewing room decor but, once I got to the cash register, I decided it didn’t. So no photo.

As far as Victorian stuff…my video restrictions actually had me using time to mend the skirt I ripped during my last costume event.


I still need to fix a bunch of hooks and eyes on the bodice before I can put it away.  I wish I had ladies maid to deal with that kind of thing!

2 thoughts on “I wanted it, didn’t need it and talked myself out of it

  1. graceathome says:

    Good for you! Somedays I can talk myself out of things and somedays I am just hopeless. Especially when it comes to reenacting finds. Fabric, baskets, wooden plates and bowls. Thrifting is so addictive!

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