Mexico recommendation

If you ever get to Mexico, Mayan Riviera side, check out Xenses.  Super cool.  They stimulate the senses with all kinds of tricks like optical illusion, thrills, sensory deprivation, humor and relaxation.  Great fun!

To take the photo below, we had to walk through various clumps of red and yellow metal objects stuck on the wall.  We had no idea that they spelt the name of the park until we got the photos.  I have no idea how anyone could make that!


The following photos are examples of optical illusions you can play with.





The only bathing suit photo of me I like!

Here is a sample of the thrills you can have at this park.


There is one spot where you are completely in the dark so you have to rely on what you feel with your hands and feet to get around.  Your other senses give you information so that you can tell what type of environment you are in.  Desert, forest…and so on.  The environment in the photo below was the only one I got wrong.  It was supposed to be a marsh but I have never been barefoot through a marsh so I identified it as something I had experienced, a wheat field.


The relaxing stuff was nice.  Two lazy rivers: one a salt water one and one a mud one. It was warm and gentle with relaxing music playing.


I loved the humor options.  It totally appealed to the kid in me!  Hubby was a sport and played along!


The most difficult part was the area that plays with the sense of up and down.  It triggered some vertigo and at one point I nearly fell down and both hubby and I got a bit nauseated. Still cool!


You can see the whole park in 3 hours if it isn’t busy.  We got lucky and hit a quiet day so no line ups.  I would definitely go back again.

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