Completed project a la COVID19

I did some stash busting this Easter weekend (hope you had a good one) and made some masks.

*NOTE: It is not clear that cloth masks will protect the wearer from infection but it may prove helpful in preventing the wearer from passing anything on.

All you folks who were teased for their vast twist tie collection are now in the privileged position of having a valued resource.  The wire ones work well at the top of a mask to make it fit snugly around the nose.  I used two together to get the right stiffness.

I had to fight the urge to add trimming to make it more “Victorian”.  Not only would it have looked odd but it may have decreased its protection by adding virus sized holes or adding weight that pulled it down.  If this goes on for an extended period of time, I may opt for making masks in assorted colors to coordinate to my outfits.  Or use pattern materials to make up for the lack of bling….

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