Mask making

I’ve tried a different mask pattern and I like this one much more. It is called the Oslo mask and you can find patterns and tutorials on YouTube.

I have been madly sewing more so that I can coordinate with my outfits and give some away.

Right now we don’t really need them as we only have twenty active cases in my province, but I’m preparing for the potential second wave in the fall.

Stay safe folks!

CHA: Craft hoarders annonimous

Hello. My name is Wanda and I am a craft hoarder. After 2 months of abstinence, I succumbed to the wiles of my favorite dealer (Michaels) and fell of the wagon. I went into that den of temptation with out my sponsor and best friend.

I was able to abstain because of COVID 19. But after 2 months of Netflix and playing every game we own, I was set free in an open store! oh the ephoria!

As an aside… I made these for my seniors. I can’t take credit for the idea. That was Pinterest.

Ah, spring…

Spring time! The grass greens up and the trees begin to bud.

I live next to a man made lake. It really is quite lovely.

The other day, doggy and I were out walking and we found a goose nest.

I haven’t seen any geese on it so I guess it is a dud. Look at the size of that thing! Like a baseball!

I’m looking forward to when the fuzzy yellow baby Canada geese start walking around! So cute. The parents are vicious jerks but the babies are cute!