Creative Journey

As you may recall, last week I shared that I had wanted to make a small gift for my seniors at work using old men’s ties. But to do that I had to clear off my craft table and that lead to completing two chatelaines for my costuming (will we ever be able to do that again?)

The desk was cleared off and I headed out to the thrift store and found bags with 10 ties for $2. Steal of a deal. I dragged them home and sorted. Some of them were quite lovely…especially the ones in the purple tones. Hmmmm. There was this video of how to make a skirt using old ties…. I resisted the urge for a bit but I kept finding more and more how-to videos for tie skirts and the purple ones were so pretty…. But there wasn’t enough to make a skirt. Back to the thrift store. I had to buy several of these bags to get enough purple ones to make a skirt. Tada! It is done!

Knee length in purple tones with a purple tie and button for the waist band.
Back view.

So the skirt is done. The gifts still aren’t made and I now have a mountain of old ties! Hahaha! Next week I will tell you what I did with those old ties.

Creative juices flowing again!

Getting that baby sweater done seems to have unblocked my creative juices and I have been creating (and finishing) different things.

It started with a sewing project that I wanted to make for my seniors at work….a pencil/glasses case made from old men’s ties. (I told my mom this and after she heard “made from old men’s thighs” we agreed she needed to turn her phone volume up a tad.)

But first I had to clean off my crafting table which was full of jewelry making supplies that I was using to fix some of my old broken jewelry. I finished fixing the broken stuff and I also wanted to shorten the chatelaine I had made ages ago as it just seemed too long. Done!

I’m not completely happy with the two cameos. I may ditch the top one but that means I need to attach some sort of pin on the second one. The second one is the one with the holes that the chains can hang from.

Done enough for now. This chatelaine is not one I’m likely to use often as it is a sewing one and a lady wouldn’t have worn that one out of the house.

I fixed up the main one I have been using for years. I added some things to it and changed the pin at the top. The pin isn’t ideal…too modern looking but it will do.

From left to right: a locket, match holder, keys and magnifying glass.

Next post will be about the skirt I finished.

He grew to fast

I started knitting a sweater for my new grand baby. Unfortunately, it came out smaller than I hoped and he is already too big. I think it is cute so some baby in my life will get it one day….

(I am blocking it now so that wavy bottom edge is gone.)

I like the pattern. The cabling was easy but makes it look like I worked like a dog on it! I also like the three little bone buttons at the shoulder. Is bone morbid for a baby? I liked the color best of my button options.

I basically knit it in the time it took me to binge watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and a few YouTube videos.