Wild “around the world” crib quilt done.

I finished the crib quilt I have been working on. It will be for my grand baby to sleep with/play on when he comes to visit for the first time! The colors are wilder than his mom typically decorates in but that’s ok. It’s his blanky for grandma’s house.

If it doesn’t go back to Europe with him, I will donate it to some charity/thrift store (assuming it doesn’t get stained in the mean time.)

The backing isn’t as loud.

There is a definite trend for me to make things with TONS of color. I like color in things I make. It keeps it from being boring. My grandma was the same. Trouble is most people don’t wear or decorate in any thing wilder than neutrals! I can’t even give my crap away. Sigh!

One thought on “Wild “around the world” crib quilt done.

  1. MapleJade says:

    So bright and cheerful! Great for a baby quilt!

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