Flea Market Part 4 of 4

This young lady was purchased for only $1

I had decided not to buy any more cabinet cards that didn’t have a full dress to look at but we can bend the rules if it only costs a dollar! Right?

She seems to be fairly well off with a fashionable dress and a big piece (or 2) of jewelry at her throat.

Oct 30th 1899 Aunt Charles Banks Bedford (Bens? Bells?) For Pam

Blake of Blake and Edgar is possibly William Blake, who moved to Bedford Ireland in 1866. Blake’s wife, Annie, was also a photographer. Blake & Edgar photographers business began at 32 (later renumbered 74) Midland Road in 1871. It is unclear who Arthur Edgar was. Blake & Edgar moved to 38 and 40 High Street in 1897. Which fits the date on the back of the card.

Flea Market Find Part 3 of 4

In my previous 2 posts, a wrote about a flea market vendor who had a couple of bins of $1 items. At that price…why not! As well as the mechanical pencil and the pin, I got a pair of salt and pepper shakers. I don’t need them but I thought they were pretty. They are silver in color (silver plated?) and smaller in size.

I have since cleaned off the tarnish and they look nicer.