Latest quilt

Not loving this latest project. In fact, I like the back better than the front. If I were a painter and this was a canvas, I’d be painting over it.

It is meant to be a star sampler quilt. Too much gold and not enough time spent moving the blocks around.

Another picnic quilt! How’s that for positive thinking!

2 thoughts on “Latest quilt

  1. momdussa says:

    I really like it. There is more gold as you go (lower). In looking at the picture, it looks like there are more stars the closer it gets to me (the viewer).

    • Thanks. The problem is that the colors clump too much and not enough. If it was spread out it would look symmetrical. Or if it was more clumped on one side it would look like I was going for asymmetry. As is, it just looks haphazard…but not in a good way. But I don’t care enough to rip it apart and redo it. 🙂

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