Lunch at McLeod House

My good friend and her husband are in town and we met for lunch at McLeod House.


It would make a nice little outing for my costume crew.  The food was fabulous!  You must try the chicken salad sandwich and the cheese cake!  The main floor is where the kitchen and eating areas are and the top floor is a gift shop.  Though there is not a lot of period furniture and the kitchen and bathrooms are modern (as I believe they have to be to serve food) the “bones” of the house still have that old feeling.

There isn’t a lot of photo ops like Maple Grove Tea House had (I do miss that place) but there is shopping in and near the McLeod House.

Down the street is a gifts and antique shop where I saw this cool thing!


A paper dress form called the…


Adjust-o-matic dress form.  It looked to be in mint condition and was from the mid 1960’s.

Not my era but still pretty cool!

Victorian at Heart does a tea and a promenade in the gardens.

I had a lovely day today.  I met up with a co-worker at work and I dressed her in one of Shirley A Victorian’s ensembles-the 1850s one that her sister wore the Victoria Day Tea at the Fort.  We met up with Shirley at the Kennedy Tea House (aka Maple Grove Tea House).  Shirley and I were both wearing our outfits from the Prairie Dog Train photo shoot.  We also met up with the “Mac Leods” who had joined us for the picnic.  How’s that for a summary of some of the highlights in the past year!  Here are some of the highlights of the garden walk.

Group shot.

10 minutes later the damsel was tied to the train tracks.

Nice shot if I do say so myself!

My favorite of Miss Dear Heart

Shirley and I having a good laugh!

It was a fabulously good time and we are all excited to be getting out again together!





Victorian at Heart gets out again!

In honor of Queen Victoria’s Birthday, Victorian at Heart planned an outing.  We had considered Lower Fort Garry but the weather was just too rotten with rain, rain and more rain.  So we went to Maple Grove Tea House in Captain Kennedy’s House.  After tea we posed for some photos.945471_374847979285725_971187163_n

Shirley wore her 1860s sheer dress.


I wore one of my 1880s bustle dresses.


Mr Mac Leod and his daughter were with us!  After awhile, Mr Mac Leod had to head back to work so he left with his daughter.  Shirley and I were headed to our cars.  We looked at each other, neither of us ready to head home to modern clothes.  The rain had stopped so we decided to head to the Fort as we originally planned and go to the tea they were hosting in honor of the Queen’s birthday.


Last year, when we had gone to the tea, we had it in the basement of the governor’s house.  In later years that room had been used as a dining area for a motor club.  We were expecting more of the same.  It was a bit different this time.  The staff person who was playing the Governor came out and lightly chastised us ladies for not having our men folk with us!  It was fun playing the part  of rebellious females who insist on traveling alone.

We began the tour of the house and saw a few rooms.  When we got to the parlour we found the fireplace was all lit up.  I had never seen it lit and didn’t know the chimney was still in working order! It was cool that day so I’m glad it was lit.


As you can see, the table was set for tea.  I was very surprised to find that the admissions desk had called ahead and arranged for us to sit and have tea in the parlour just like real guests!


Shirley sat between the Governor’s wife and the Governor’s guest.


The Governor sat next to his guest and I sat between the Governor and his wife.


There was a maid that served the cake while Mrs. Colvile poured the tea.  I kept falling out of character and trying to pour my own tea and not waiting for the maid to open the door for me!  Obviously, I am nouveau riche and lacking in the social graces of the upper crust!  All in all a wonderful start to the costuming season.


I was very sad to learn that one of my costume groups favorite locations is closing down due to structural issues. Kennedy House/Maple Grove Tea Room. I am glad we took advantage of it while we could.

Taken inside the house just after having tea in the tea room.

Taken inside the house just after having tea in the tea room.

We did get good news that my FAVORITE house museum is re opening! Dalnavert House.

999402Ah, the ebb and flow of trying to keep history alive!

Victorian at Heart Mourns

Last weekend, Shirley and I took our mourning gowns out to St. Andrews Church. 10665271_568476726589515_6265713402837685707_nThis church building was finished in 1849 which is old by our reckoning.  I realize there are far older churches in Europe but Canada is still a young country so an 1840’s church seems old to me.  If I ever go and see Europe I might curl up in a little ball trying to fathom such age!

We did some high drama acting near the old gravestones.




This is my favorite photo of Shirley…very dramatic looking towards the river!


Shirley thought of a parasol.  I did not.  It was cloudy when I left the house so I didn’t think I’d need one-I don’t have a black one anyway.  Shirley let me borrow hers for a few photos.10410940_568469093256945_2934596794085090474_n  I wore my 1900 gown.

10616121_568468359923685_3024631134859929350_nI like the hat but the edge might need to be wired because the flipped up edge isn’t staying that way.  I’ll also need to cover the under brim as the straw is not holding the paint very well.

10698638_568468649923656_6748618379861413123_nI think I nailed the hair though!


This is my favorite photo of the two of us, taken by Shirley’s daughter who came in modern clothes so no photos of her. 10626882_568470916590096_5102460268827037851_nAwesome bustle Shirley!

I like this photo because I totally upstaged Shirley and covered her face with my hat and nearly took her eye out with it!  Once a diva always a diva!15763_568473079923213_4078478645519478934_n

After we were done fake sobbing, we headed off to Maple Grove Tea Room in Kennedy House.  They had a nice photo op right outside the door.984226_568473229923198_3885575208904263670_nI absolutely loved Shirley’s hair!

Once inside, we of course had tea!

10593218_568473549923166_8565092041535921944_nThen we used some of the rooms in Kennedy House for photo ops.

10407765_568474199923101_3074646781603304159_nIsn’t Shirley’s hat yummy!?

10392281_568474286589759_1117581601965560714_nI think this is one of my favorite photos of myself…if were just a little less blurry…well maybe the blurry helps!

My first photo shoot with Lady A

People seem to be liking the work of the warm and wonderful Lady A and I now have permission to use her likeness here so I thought I would do a post of our first photo shoot.

We had gone to Maple Grove Tea House which is in a house that was built on the river in 1866 for a Captain Kennedy.  It is quite small with a few rooms made up to look like the home may have looked in its day.  It’s real draw is having tea on the veranda and walking in the gardens surrounding it.

Lady A in her lovely purple ensemble…in the interior of Kennedy House

I love the beading on her dress! And I simply must make a bustle dress one day!

Lady A looking all lovely and put together and I look like my maid either drinks or hates me.

We must do that shoot again.  Next time I will do it with the aid of an iron and a mirror!

Back view of Lady A’s dress

The white gown is also Lady A’s work.  It is a regency style dress.  It is worn by a co-worker who is totally not into sewing or even looking at this stuff but she is a trooper and went along with us-into public no less!  This mystery lady is a bit shy.  Coming out with us was pushing her comfort levels some.  I will spare her dignity and not post pictures of her from the front but I thought she looked gorgeous.  You will just have to take my word for it!