Year in Review: outings

This hasn’t been the greatest year for outings.  A lot has been happening in my little groups’ lives: work, school, health, family…and that has definitely slowed us down.

But we did get out a little bit. And I did my best to wear things that didn’t get used in the past while.

In May we got out to the old fort.

And I helped out at the old Jail.


In July, Lottie and I made it out for some tea.

Then nothing until October.  Lottie and I took our annual train ride.

And I was Queen Victoria for Halloween.


And finally, the girls and I got together for a Christmas party.

Perhaps after our winter break, things will pick up again.  I sure hope so!  But even though our outings were few and far between, they were still quite fun!

Annual train ride

Lottie and I took our annual ride on the Prairie Dog Central. (Unfortunately, Shirley wasn’t able to make it),

It was a bit later in the season than usual but this was a good thing…it gave us both a chance to wear things that we can’t wear in July.  We both wore 1880s in honor of the engine’s age.


I played with my phone app a bit…


There’s a bird sitting on my head!


Next time, I will share some of the unique finds I saw in the display area at the end of the first segment of the ride.

Finally fixed it

Three and a half years ago, I made a Sontag.  It has never been worn in costume.  The primary reason for not wearing it has been the weather.  Mostly it has been too hot.  But even if the weather had been perfect, I may not have worn it.  It was too loose in the waist and I just didn’t have the heart to undo it and re make it.  I finally had a light bulb moment where I realized that by adding a second button, I could take up the extra slack.  IMG_20180106_211733289

Now it fits!


I think it would be plausible that someone would make the same alteration, either for fit or for design purposes.  The synthetic wool is crap and it is more painfully obvious to me now that I have developed more of an eye for it.  But, it doesn’t bother me enough to pitch it and make another.  For my purposes, it will do.

I got my paper pattern pieces cut apart for my next sewing project.  Will time and energy come together in perfect synergy and cause me to get the fabric cut before the weekend is over?

HSF 14: Challenge #15 the Great Outdoors

During this time of troubles I am in, I do find that knitting (and watching hours and hours of movies) has been soothing…takes my mind off of it all….which worked out wonderfully for the last Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge.  It is a bit of a challenge to imagine any scenario where I’ll be wearing this thing as it is summer and I may be starting hot flashes!  I break out in a sweat just looking at it!


What the item is: sontag

The Challenge: The great outdoors

Fabric: n/a

Pattern: Godey’s 1860 which was up sized and dated by this blogger.

Being more fluffy than the blogger, I had to do some guess work to up size it even more. I think I may have gone to far. It seems a bit baggy.

Year: 1860

Notions: 1 button about 600 yards of blue and 100 of white.

How historically accurate is it? Wool is acrylic but pattern and tecnique is correct. It would have been hand made by the lady wearing it or giving it as a gift. Plausible that all types of ladies could have worn it…working class to upper class. I guess an upper class lady would have worn it puttering in her yard on a cool day. So about 80%

Hours to complete: @40

First worn:not yet

Total cost: $30 in wool. Pattern free and I had the needles for years.