It makes me laugh

Just a couple of random stories that show my warped sense of humor.

As you know, I work with seniors who have dementia.  This week we played a game I call “Gone Hunting”.  I drew a bear on a white board and had my peeps shoot him with a Nerf gun.


Right over the bear we have a clock hanging.


Every time they hit it, I said they were killing time.  And since they have dementia, it was hilariously funny EVERY TIME!

My other funny story is I’ve been to the dentist today.  I’m not a fan.  I’ve had some bad ones that really should have been working in a dungeon under a medieval castle.  That is saying a lot for me.  As a migraine sufferer, I have a very high tolerance for pain…but not in the mouth.

This has lead to years of avoiding the bastards  profession all together.  Anyway, I sucked it up because I know that avoiding them is yet another bad health decision on my part.  This new dentist doesn’t want me avoiding her for years so for my cleaning she took pity on me and froze me up.  I now can’t smile properly…

IMG_20200122_172501710.jpgAnd my kissy face has lost its sexual appeal…


So if this were the Victorian era I’d probably NEVER see a dentist unless I absolutely had too.  If I can be a baby with dentistry with the liberal use of freezing, imagine what I’d be like if dentistry consisted of a blacksmith/farrier with a pair of pliers and a strong set of biceps.


Bit excited

Day off again and it is good. I have started working out some details for my up coming vacation

The doggy got her nails clipped. Ride to the airport worked out. Confirming ride to hotel and luggage is out.

You know I love the Victorian era but when you say “travel: Victorian era vs modern era”. I have to vote modern. Airplane travel is so much better than steamer ship when you only have time and money for a two week vacation!

Authentic vs politically correct

This is a light and fluffy debate on a heavy topic: costuming in an authentically Victorian way without being politically incorrect.

Costume College has a circus theme for one of their events and I have been mulling over my options.  To achieve my goals of not laying out a ton of cash for new gowns for Costume College and not needing to hire a military transport plane to get all of my luggage to California, I selected my Half Grand Surprise Dress for the circus event.  (Small bustle to wear with several dresses vs gargantuan hoops and skirts.) t

The red military style works for a circus.  But how to up my game?  I considered being a bearded lady.  It would be inexpensive to get a fake beard.  It would take almost no space in my suit case.  There were bearded ladies in Victorian circuses.  But to my modern sensibilities, it wasn’t sitting right.  It felt like mocking people who have that genetic or medical trait.  And it felt like I was “flipping the bird to transgender folks”.  So wrong on so many levels.  So I coughed up a bit more cash and a bit more space in my suit case and went for the snake charmer option.  img_20160514_160340302.jpg

Only a costumer would understand this: standing in the rubber snake section of the toy store trying to decide which snake would compliment my Victorian dress best.  I was considering the black cobra but the red in this snake spoke to me!  Or would the green snake show up better in photographs?  Gah!  I may have to go back and buy a second snake.  Then I would have to research whether or not a snake charmer could hold these two species at the same time without “Snakeageddon” breaking out.  Over thinking again….

I also picked up a couple of items to tweak my efforts for the Steampunk tea and the Midsummer Night Galaimg_20160514_160344583.jpg

Speaking of the Steampunk thing… I was looking at some Steampunk guns but decided against them because I just can’t imagine how that would go over in airport security.  Let’s not put another brick in Trump’s wall between Canada and the USA, eh?  My Steampunk persona will have to be more bookish and less militant.

Victorian medicine

I’ve been looking at some of the old picture files that got rescued from my old computer.  It seems I can be a bit of a hoarder with those so it is time to clean things up.

I have several photographs, taken YEARS  AGO, with an old camera, that I intended to use here. I would post some horrific medical practice from my Victorian medical book and use one of these photographs to add some visual interest.  I still think it is a good idea but I just don’t have the time to read the book and the pictures are not improving with age.  By the time I get to this project (horrible medical practices) I will be retired and will have a camera 8 times better than the one I have now and 10 times better than the one that took these.

So I will just use them and send them on their way to the oblivion of deletion.


This is a medical kit carried by a healer.


The kit is on display at the Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg


This is the information about Cuthbert Grant, the owner of the kit.

The museum has a “pharmacy” display, and I took these random photos there.  Note the box for veterinary use and also make the assumption that at least half of these medicines contain some sort of narcotic or toxic ingredient and that people could by this stuff without  a prescription.  Say what you want about “Big Pharma”, things are better now!


Too young

My cabinet card collection has many photographs of folks that I assume to be married and they appear to be May/December kind of relationships.  In this card, the couple seems to be closer in age but seriously too young to be married.  They look to be in their late teens.  Gads!  I love Victorian dresses but some of their life style features are a bit much!

With the bangs and the big sleeves, I put this rather plain dress in the late 80's or early 90's.

With the bangs and the big sleeves, I put this rather plain dress in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

Photo app

I was playing with my phone app the other day and I altered one of my photos from the Halloween Outing Shirley and I went on.  I turned this…

12774_591545904282597_2358923074543678187_nInto this…..Fright night at the old fort

With the exception of the date and time on the corner, doesn’t it look like one of those post-mortem photos?

You could say that modern times definitely beats Victorian times when it comes to photography options…though, artistically, I still prefer my manual film camera.

I wonder how a Victorian lady would deal with this?

I got home the other day after a long day of being on my feet and my back was killing me.  So I dealt with it in a nice, modern way.SAM_2179My little doggy is behind me keeping me company.

But, what is a lady to do about dinner?  I don’t have “a girl for that.”


Ah, Mr. Victorian-Not to the rescue!

In this Victorian vs Modern scenario, I think modern wins.

Motivation vs Procrastination

I have no idea where my get up and go has gone.  I can’t seem to stick to a project for more than a few minutes!  I’m blaming the craziness that is Christmas time.  When you are on constant “run mode” at work and home, it is hard to sit down and work on something for an extended period of time.  And the drive to create is also stunted by and equally powerful drive to not make a big mess!  Those of you who must use their dining room as a sewing room know where I’m coming from.  Sure could use a day or two off.

So who had palpitations?

I’ve been skimming through my Victorian medical book (1866).  One of the previous owners made some markings in the book.SAM_0294

He wrote his name (Albert Henry) and also made a note that mustard plasters should be 1 to 3.  I haven’t found out what the 1 to 3 represents.  The 1 is likely the mustard powder but the 3 could be eggs, flour or water or some other ingredient I don’t know about.  This mustard plaster seems like a nasty business that could burn the skin and trigger asthma.

Further along in the book there is a page that the book seems to open up easily to, implying to me, a page that was frequently turned to so that the spine of the book has been “broken in”.  There is also a penciled in x.SAM_0299

It has me wondering if Albert had palpitations or if he was dealing with someone who did.  The treatments mainly seem to deal with sedating or relaxing the person.  Lie down.  Take ether and lavender. A shot of booze. Cayenne has been used for thousands of years for medicine and circulation problems is one of the possible uses.

The recommended use of stramonium (loco weed) and digitalis (the plant we get digoxin from) concerns me.  I sure hope that this stuff was being prescribed by a doctor and whipped up by a pharmacist.  I’d hate to think that some house wife could buy this stuff over the counter or pick it in her garden and whip it up herself!

I often lament some of the loses of the Victorian culture…the fashions, the beauty and grace of the pomp…but I do not lament the loss of their medical procedures.  I get free health care in Canada so I am particularly happy to be living now where the practices are not so barbaric and I don’t have to pay to be treated.  Do you think it is possible that 100 years from now, people will look back  at our current medical practices and feel horrified and wonder how we could have put up with such primitive and cruel practices?