Flea Market Part 4 of 4

This young lady was purchased for only $1

I had decided not to buy any more cabinet cards that didn’t have a full dress to look at but we can bend the rules if it only costs a dollar! Right?

She seems to be fairly well off with a fashionable dress and a big piece (or 2) of jewelry at her throat.

Oct 30th 1899 Aunt Charles Banks Bedford (Bens? Bells?) For Pam

Blake of Blake and Edgar is possibly William Blake, who moved to Bedford Ireland in 1866. Blake’s wife, Annie, was also a photographer. Blake & Edgar photographers business began at 32 (later renumbered 74) Midland Road in 1871. It is unclear who Arthur Edgar was. Blake & Edgar moved to 38 and 40 High Street in 1897. Which fits the date on the back of the card.

New family photos!

I bought myself some new photos for my collection. Hope you enjoy.

Looks like a nice little family photo!

Any thoughts on what that ball on a post thing is between the two reclining men?

Here is another nice family photo.

I like the ruffles on the skirt.

Here is the back of this photo.

Hope you enjoyed.

Wonderful weddings

I’m making the assumption that the next two photos in my latest album purchase are wedding photos.  And I think they are about 25 years apart.

The first is from around the 1890’s if the sleeves are anything to go by.


Early 90’s if you go by the hair.  The gown is stunning!

There is a single name on the back.


I can’t quite make it out.  Paine Gerret? Peirre Verret? I don’t think it is the name of either of the people on the front.  Usually, when we write the name of the subjects we write everyone’s name…unless it is a large group like a class photo or hockey team.  I know that when I have handed out school photos, I write the name of the person I intend to give it to so I can keep track of who got what in the handing out phase.  I’m thinking that this is a possible reason for the single name.

Our next couple is from 1918.



I love it when the photos come with some solid information.

A few more photos from my last album buy

The next page in my cabinet card album is not what I personally want to see…an empty window and a 1950’s/60’s woman.

IMG_20190701_083215086Not my cup of tea but still pretty awesome!

The following page is better…for me!


The gent doesn’t do much for me.  I just can’t get into men’s fashions.  They all look the same to me so I can’t put a date on them.


But the woman!  Look at her!


The hat says Edwardian era to me.  The coat says she has money.  The spats says she has style!  I didn’t find much on the photographer (but neither did I put much effort into it).



The older couple and the 20 something girl

Old photo albums are a joy to me.  And the hoarder in me, loves to pick them up and gaze at the fashions and wonder about the lives.  The next page I’m sharing from my last acquisition is an older couple and a younger girl.

Sorry about the blurry picture.  I’m too lazy to redo that one.


The girl looks to be in her 20’s wearing 20’s styles.  Not my thing.  It doesn’t excite me much.  The older couple is harder to peg.


My guess is an older woman’s take on Edwardian fashions.  The black lace on that bodice is yummy!  And the older dude is rocking that beard!  Put a man bun on him and he would fit right into today’s styles!

After a speedy search on the internet, I found a few references to the photographer S Belle in Fraserville that implied he was working in the 19teens. Assuming those people did their research better than I did, we can say this may back up my theory on the date of the card.

Sorry about being MIA

The last few weeks have been busy!  My dog was sick (bring out the carpet cleaner sick), the out door heat has been oppressive for me and I finally got a position at work with more hours.  It is pretty different from what I have been doing in the past few years so there is a bit of a learning curve.

But, things are settling a bit and it is time to write up a few posts about the cabinet card album I bought a few months back.


The next page over from the last post is this one. A faded family and an Edwardian woman.


The group is two men and two seated women. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get a good photo of them.

Here is the Edwardian woman. She seems young.  Love the skirt!



Latest addition to my collection


A few weeks ago, I went on a family outing for lunch in a small city north of Winnipeg.  After a pleasant lunch, I convinced my clan to stop at a local antique shop.  I saw many things I wanted to buy but I had to put it all back so I could afford a cabinet card album.


Unfortunately, there is some damage.


I’d like to fix it but I don’t want to make it worse so that will involve some research on my part.

The title page…


The first photo.  Unfortunately, it is also in bad shape.  Too much sun perhaps?


You can still make out the figures.  IMG_20190701_082831621

Mother and child.  I can’t make out if it is a boy or a girl. Seems to be a fairly big child and I would think a boy would have been in pants by that size.  I could be wrong.  I wish I could make out more details on the dress and hat.  That hat has some serious height!

Rest assured, there are better photos in this album, that I will share later on.


Little bit of everything

I have lots of things to share with you all.  First, a completed project.


I have a friend at work that is expecting a baby. I will add this to my contributions for her baby shower.

Spring has sprung around here.  I’m loving all the flowers.  Late spring is my favorite time of year.

My sweet 4 legged baby loves spring too.




The baby ducks and geese are out now.  So cute!


And now finally, something Victorian.  Lottie gave me a cabinet card that I want to share with you.  I love the detail on the “lapel”.  I’m thinking beading and embroidery.


There is quite a bit of writing on the back of the card.


The clearest bit says…


Taken in May 1896.

The next clearest bit says…


With love and best wishes



What do you think the name says?

There is more writing on the bottom.


All I can make out is “…day I am…”

Can you make any of it out?  Sure you can with such blurry photos.