Next page: Same lady

I’d almost forgotten about the carte de visite album I’ve been sharing with you.  Here is the next photo pairs.


At first glance I thought this is the same woman with photos taken at the same time.   But when I zoomed in on the photos I decided the dress was different. The dress on the left seems to be lighter in color. The buttons are bigger and spaced wider apart on the left. The collar on the left is the same material as the main part of the dress and the collar on the right is taller and made of the same material as the contrast part of the dress.  The hair style is the same and the watch chain is the same.  In the face only one, she is wearing earrings but not in the full length photo.  The photo on the right the face is fuller and appears younger to me.  What do you think?  Same woman different time?



Once they are out of the album, you clearly see that the photographers and location are different.  So definitely, they were taken at different times.  So now what do you think?  Same woman significantly different times?  (Isn’t the details on the over skirt and cuffs of the dress in the full length photo yummy!)


Lovely Lottie gives gifts!

I spent some time with my costuming group this past weekend and Lottie, who had recently spent some time in Colonial Williamsburg, brought wonderful gifts!  Shirley and I both got some amazing smelling soaps (I can’t decide if I will use it or keep it in mint condition).  Then Lottie gave Shirley an antique monogramed hanky and I got a fabulous cabinet card.



Except for the big bow at the back of the neck, I like this outfit.  I think the floral bit is supposed to look like a full shirtwaist under a jacket but is probably a fake one.

It reminds me of an Edwardian dress I saw in a house museum this past weekend.  It had a similar effect.



Basically, the shoulder detail sewn on top of a fake shirtwaist.

The poor thing is in rough shape-especially the collar- and there are a few mistakes with how it is displayed (sitting in direct sunlight with a 1950’s hat on top). I couldn’t tell without pulling at it if the collar as displayed incorrectly (laying flat on the shoulder instead of wrapped around an imaginary neck) because of incorrect display or because it was in such sad shape.  It was light grey silk (Looks like a short man’s tie) and it had started to shatter.


I could see what it was supposed to look like and I think it was quite pretty in it’s day.  I like the shades of grey and the layered effect very much.

Flea Market score: Part 2

As part of my anniversary gift this past weekend, I got a stack of cards for my stereoscope.  Some in better shape than others.  I do wish I could make them 3d for you.


I love the little girl with her cat. It doesn’t even look stuffed.


Keeping with the animal theme, a couple of cows.


Rascal up to no good!


More shenanigans!


What is shenanigans without someone to gossip about it!


Family life?


A stereoscope card of a woman looking at a stereoscope.


Check out the lady’s skirt on the left. Nice eh?


Very faded but surprisingly good in the stereoscope. I guess looking at two pictures at the same time makes if more sharp.


Nice colored one.


Apparently weighing the baby was a big deal!

Not a bad haul in my opinion!


Turn the page: kinda reminds me of…

Whoa! Been awhile since I’ve done one of these.  For those of you who don’t know/remember, I bought a carte de visite album some time ago and I have been sharing the book page by page.

The next set of pictures is of a man and a woman.


The gentleman kind of reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch.  Something about the face shape and the long legs.


Does anyone else see it or am I falling victim to binge watching Sherlock?

Tell me I’m not crazy!

Anyway, the doppelganger had the photo taken by Micklethwaite in Biggleswade which is frequently the photographer and location in this particular album so it is safe to assume the original owner of this album likely came from there.


My regular readers will know that I am typically more interested in the ladies and what they are wearing in these old photos so rather than waiting for the next blog post, I will talk about the young lady in these two pages of the book.


The hat! The jewelry! The pattern in the bodice fabric!  The lace on the sleeve!  All to die for!


Out of the album sleeve

She is also from England.  Heckmondwike is about 150 miles north of Biggleswade.  (What great names!)  Perhaps these two people knew each other or are related.


Back of the photo

Turn the page: the other family

The last time I turned the page we had two sets of family portraits.


The older couple was examined last time so the young family is next.


the little girl is looking quite sullen but mom is almost smiling!  Her dress is quite nice with the bows all down the front.  I do love the little girl’s shoes.  img_20180313_064716160.jpg

The photographer was in business on 1800 Frankford in Philadelphia from at least 1861-1896.  I’d hazard a guess on date as being in the 1870’s because the card corners are rounded, and her hair and dress say 1870’s.  The clothes of all three seem to be well made and in good shape so I think they would be new and therefore current in style.

Turn the page: family portraits


The next set of photos in the carte de visit book is of families.

The photos on the right is an older couple.IMG_20180313_064619019

That cap on her head is so cute!

I may have names for these two if anyone is good at reading messy writing!  I read “our friend and uncle B??omheart.  What do you see?


*post script…I am back working a day shift after nearly 2 years of working noon till 8:15.  This means I can go back to volunteering at the Costume Museum and I will be able to post some of the wonders and treasures I see while working.  I’m looking forward to that!

Turn the page: Fabulous 60’s Part two

The last set of pages I posted about from the carte de visite book as two women from the 1860’s.IMG_20180313_064358871

This post will focus on the woman on the right. To bad the photo isn’t in focus!


Out of the book sleeve…also not very clear.  But clear enough to see that there is a belt between her shirtwaist and skirt and there appears to be something on her wrists.  Bracelettes? Trim on the cuffs? What do you think?


The furniture is amazing!  The chair seems to be from the same set as the chair in the photograph with the other woman-just different upholstery.

Both cards have the red border around the photographs and both are from the same photographer so likely were taken at the same time.