Hector Blanche and Lollie

In my photograph collection, I have a postcard with three people in what look to be late 1890’s, or early 1900’s clothes.  I adore the hat and coat of the lady on the left!IMG_20170903_143205192

The two ladies could be related.  Siblings perhaps?  The man doesn’t look like either lady (but my sons don’t look alike at all) so is he a brother? a husband?  Who knows.  We do know their names are Hector, Blanche and Lollie.  It is wonderful when photos are inscribed with legible writing!



Eye catching trim

On a recent outing to an antique shop I discovered one lone cabinet card.  Often they are boring or damaged but this one was in wonderful condition (at least the person was in good shape…the corners got a bit dinged) and NOT boring!  There is a trim on the bodice that I’d love to replicate on a future dress!


Its the cording on the front that caught my eye.


Love the hat too!


The photographer is G E Willis and he was working in Carleton Place Ontario. He worked there from 1873-1895.

Her dress and hair says 1880’s to me.


Mother and son added to my collection

IMG_20170903_143126698I think this is a photo of a mother and son.  They were photographed by H. Larock in Lewiston Maine in the late 1880’s.  They are both sporting jewelry (watch and earrings) and fairly nice clothes so I’m thinking they are at least middle class.

I collect cards that have women’s clothing or hair clearly shown.  But, I can’t say this dress inspired me.  I like the stripes woven into the fabric but I’m not keen on the effect on the front of the bodice.  It makes it look like the dress doesn’t fit!  What really caught my attention was not the dress but the back of the card!  So pretty.  I hope you like it too!IMG_20170903_143136169

Cabinet card: hard use

I have a new cabinet card that I may have chosen to pass up because of the damage.IMG_20170502_083602793

Someone has, clearly, taken scissors to it to get it into a frame or album and at some point it got folded.  But their faces are still clear.  And the part that I go for…the clothes…are still visible.  They have big 90’s sleeves with massive collars.  The dresses appear to match.  I’m thinking these are sisters.  And their names my be…IMG_20170502_083631886

…Emma and Bertie.  (I like to imagine that the younger girl visited her older sister.  In honor of the occasion, the older sister made matching dresses and arranged for pictures.  After the younger girl went home, the older one picked up the pictures and inscribed the above message before sending it to her sister.)  It was this personal info (and reasonable price) that convinced me to buy it.  FYI Gananoque is in Ontario.

Shirley’s Dearly Departed

I want to share a cabinet card with you.  It isn’t mine.  My pal, Shirley, carries this one around as a prop when in costume.  You all know it is the props and accessories that make a dress look like an outfit.  Part of Shirley’s “story” is that this is a “dearly departed”.Arlene's 1I found a reference for Bigelow in Dowagiac that says his full name was Bigelow, Hervey S. and he worked in that town from 1883-1902.  Since the card has scalloped edges, it would be from the 1890’s to 1902 (when he stopped working in that town).

There is some writing on the back.

Arlene's 2

I think the name is Mrs. J. E. De Grow.  The rest could be an address?  Directions?

Just slipped in a little shopping

Last week, we took some of the seniors at work out for lunch.  We had some time before our reservation so we wandered through some of the shops located in the same building.  And there was an antique shop in the basement. Ahem.  Need I say more.

I found a cabinet card and a carte de visite to add to my collection.  The poor carte de visite has suffered a bit through the years. It has been folded in half and someone has taken scissors to it…probably so it would fit in an album or frame.IMG_20170502_083602793

The ladies have a bit of an 80’s bang frizz going on but some serious 90’s sleeves so I’m guessing this is an early 90’s photograph.

Gananoque is a small city in Ontario Canada. Ganonoque is a tourist town  in the summer because of the Thousand Islands area.  It is possible, these two ladies were tourists OR residents of the town.  Finley would have been the photographer.

There is an inscription on the back.


To sister Emma with best love from Bertie. (CM1- is the vendor name and price)

So one of these ladies is Bertie.  I like having a name for my photographed people!