More Masks

I send activity care packages, weekly, to my seniors in my club. (COVID has shut down the club I work in). This week, I decided to get them ready for the second wave. (Our first wave has been easy breezy…I think our luck will run out soon).

It is a nice place to sew! HUGE table. Lots of natural light. I wish it was my sewing room at home!

I hauled my machine to work and emptied out my stash a bit and got sewing.

Once they were all sewed up I got them ready for mailing.

I think they turned pretty well. There was some fun fabric that I hope will encourage them to use them when they are out on the town.

Stay safe folks.

Sun catchers

I mail little gifts and puzzles and reading materials to the seniors I work with as they isolate at home. These were fun but a bit stinky (toxic?)

I preheated my oven to 350°. Then I lined muffin tins with parchment paper. I assembled plastic faceted beads in each cup and heated for 18 minutes. I settled on 18 minutes because at 20 minutes they were melted to the point I need to drill holes. At 18 minutes there are the odd holes for strings.

I took them out of the oven and let cool for 10 minutes. They popped out of the pan easily. Then I pealed the parchment paper off.

I gathered the info for this project over several easy to find sites and YouTube videos. Some did the same procedure with pony beads, some used cake pans, some used higher heat.

I’d recommend 350°, lots of ventilation and checking the project in the oven every 5-10 minutes as different ovens, project sizes, bead brands and desired effect will effect the results.

Completed project:why?

Meet Humphrey the Humungus Hummingbird.

I found a pattern meant for seed beads and decided to use massive beads…the massive size made it easier to work with while I figured out the pattern.

I will hang it in the windows at work. Now that I see how it goes together, I will make it in the correct size. I also want to see if I can adapt it to different types of birds. The beads used for Humphrey would make an awesome Macaw for example.

Mask making

I’ve tried a different mask pattern and I like this one much more. It is called the Oslo mask and you can find patterns and tutorials on YouTube.

I have been madly sewing more so that I can coordinate with my outfits and give some away.

Right now we don’t really need them as we only have twenty active cases in my province, but I’m preparing for the potential second wave in the fall.

Stay safe folks!

Completed project a la COVID19

I did some stash busting this Easter weekend (hope you had a good one) and made some masks.

*NOTE: It is not clear that cloth masks will protect the wearer from infection but it may prove helpful in preventing the wearer from passing anything on.

All you folks who were teased for their vast twist tie collection are now in the privileged position of having a valued resource.  The wire ones work well at the top of a mask to make it fit snugly around the nose.  I used two together to get the right stiffness.

I had to fight the urge to add trimming to make it more “Victorian”.  Not only would it have looked odd but it may have decreased its protection by adding virus sized holes or adding weight that pulled it down.  If this goes on for an extended period of time, I may opt for making masks in assorted colors to coordinate to my outfits.  Or use pattern materials to make up for the lack of bling….

Productive vacation

I have completed a few projects while vacationing. They have ceramic painting which I like it do…with all the other kids. This what I started with.

This is what I did.

And this is how it looks after they fixed it up and glazed it.

Me likey!

I tried my hand at water colors.

This was my inspiration.

And this is the result.

I won’t quit my day job.

And finally finished a scarf that I will need in a few days.

Year in review: completed projects

I think I was slightly more productive than I was last year but not at all productive in the Victorian era items.  It’s been over year since I’ve finished a dress.  Not that I need more dresses….

This year I completed a lot of modern items…mostly baby things.  Some of which did eventually find a home.


Lost these…grrr.



Hated this.  I won’t be trying this technique anytime soon.


Found a home.


Found a home…the blanket, not the dog.  The dog stays here.



Made one kinda random thing…


Dress for the doggy.

And my Victorian items…!


This year I resolve to stash bust and UFO bust.  I also resolve to stop wasting so much time on video games!


Completed projects

I have made a small dent in my MASSIVE unfinished knitting projects pile!  I finished a sweater/dress I had been working on.  It is modern wear and it is intended for wear with leggings.  IMG_20191226_143124881.jpg

The photo with me in it isn’t a good one.  But you get the idea.


Need some control top undies with this!

I had a lot of wool left over and I was in desperate need of new mittens.

I knit up a pair and then decided I wanted a fluffy lining for added warmth.  So with a crochet hook, I filled the inside with “fringe”.


Once I had the wool hooked in, I split the strands up.


Once that was done I had a Muppet mitt!


Flip the mitt right side out and I have a woolly mitt.


I have lost two pairs of mitts already (and it is only December!) so I put them on a string and now, like all six year olds, my mitts hang out of my sleeve on strings when I take them off.  Second childhood….