Forth and final incarnation of “Ugly Bag of Tea Gown”

Last weekend was fun (Medieval Festival) but it was also productive.  I tried starching a petticoat for the first time.  I know!  Shocking isn’t it!  I’ve been doing this for 5 years in limp petticoats!  I really thought starching a petticoat would be a wretched experience.  My pal Lottie Lovette told me it wasn’t and explained how to do it.  And she was right!  Easy!  And now my petticoat practically stands on its own!img_20160717_160525416.jpg

I tried it on my oldest most beat up one just in case it went poorly but it was fine.  I will eventually get around to doing them all.

Subject change:  I gave myself until the end of the weekend to fiddle some more on the Ugly Bag of Tea Gown and I think I have finally reached a matronly but presentable presentation.  It was on the advice (again) Lottie that I finally settled on the final look.  One of the photos she shared was a tea gown that had the lace going the chevron pattern I first tried.SAM_1619

But it was wider.  There was also way less than what I had in the next incarnation.IMG_20160712_202818628

So I removed a ton of the above fluff and I straightened some of it out so it was more symmetrical and now I’m okay with it.img_20160717_153757.jpgNo I didn’t have a stomach ache.  Just posing awkwardly.img_20160717_153711.jpgYes.  This is less crazy.img_20160717_151850290.jpgWith some accessories and proper hair and head gear, this will do just fine for Breakfast with the Artists at Costume College.

Fairy wings

I need some fairy wings for Costume College so I whipped a set up.  (Doesn’t everyone NEED fairy wings at some point in their lives?) Not being one to buy something like that, I decided to make some.

I needed 4 wire hangers, wire cutters and 2 pairs of black nylons ( I really wanted green or gold but now that the 1990’s are gone, one can’t find anything but taupe and black.) I also needed packing tape, scissors, silver embroidery thread and a needle.

I took the 4 wire hangers and cut the hook off.  I bent the hangers into the desired shape and then slid one leg of black nylons over each hanger.  Needless to say, the butt/crotch part to the nylons had been cut off.  I taped the nylons over the end where the hanger twists around itself.  I left the excess nylon stay put because I haven’t decided how the wings will be attached to my costume yet and I may need the extra nylon .  And for the sake of packing I’m not permanently attaching the 4 wings together yet.  For this photo, I wrapped the excess nylon around the wire ends to hide them and hold them in place long enough to take the photograph.IMG_20160716_170913062.jpg

The veins are done with silver embroidery thread.  I think they look pretty good.IMG_20160716_170918198

The time I spent making these was the time I allotted for one more stab at fixing the Ugly Bag o’ Tea Gown.  You recall I threatened that if I didn’t get it sorted by the weekend, it was going back into the closet of shame.  Well, since I didn’t actually work on it since that threat, I am giving it until the end of the weekend now.

Tomorrow I hope to share some photos of the wonderful way I wasted valuable sewing time on Saturday.