Not dead. Just idle

I didn’t die. I’ve just had nothing Victorian to write about. COVID has put a strangle hold everything. Sure I have more time to make things but without a dead line or goal I’m doing very little sewing or crafting in general. The flea markets are open again. And I bought the above umbrella. More vintage than Victorian but it is close enough to add to the asthetic of an outfit.

Doors Open a la COVID

Doors Open Winnipeg is usually held in May but COVID messed that up a bit. But we did have it in September with some major alterations to our usual procedures.

I helped out at the jail again. Only instead of playing a role of a person connected to the jail, I ended up being the hand sanitizer and list keeper (for contact tracing).

I wore a mish-mash of costume pieces.

1909 Olive’s hat, 1895 Walking suit shirtwaist, 1900 Widows Weeds cape, 1903 trumpet skirt, and modern mask. We made the masks work by pretending it was during the Spanish flu.

We even made the news.

Finally! A costume event!

Various issues, both personal and global, (COVID being the biggest one) have kept my little group from meeting up in costume and touring the local sites and taking photos.  Therefore, I’ve had nothing Victorian to write about.

But, last week, Dalnavert put out a call for volunteers to come in costume to be photographed for future ad campaigns.  To keep the rules, the group was kept small and most of the photos were out doors.  I confess, we weren’t always good about keeping 6 feet apart but our city has done very well with the virus.  (Something like 30 active cases and 7 deaths total) so it has been hard to remember to be vigilant!

Here are some photos I had taken with my phone of the event.


I have always wanted to have enough of a wardrobe that I could mix and match pieces for completely different looks.  I used the hat from my Olive dress, the shirtwaist from my walking suit, the skirt and reticule from my summer ensemble and the belt from my senora dress.  I think it looks pretty good together!

Most of the official photos were taken outdoors in the gardens but after the shoot, we models wanted some indoor photos with our phones so we headed to the solarium.  There was an absolutely gorgeous tea set in there that I had never seen before!


This model is one of the biggest assets the house has-very knowledgeable.  We shall call her the lady of the house.


We had a gentleman model.  Very dashing in his tails!


Then there is the lovely Mrs. M!


It was a lovely time!  So good to get back into costume!  I look forward to seeing what photos they end up using in their future ads!

Mask making

I’ve tried a different mask pattern and I like this one much more. It is called the Oslo mask and you can find patterns and tutorials on YouTube.

I have been madly sewing more so that I can coordinate with my outfits and give some away.

Right now we don’t really need them as we only have twenty active cases in my province, but I’m preparing for the potential second wave in the fall.

Stay safe folks!

CHA: Craft hoarders annonimous

Hello. My name is Wanda and I am a craft hoarder. After 2 months of abstinence, I succumbed to the wiles of my favorite dealer (Michaels) and fell of the wagon. I went into that den of temptation with out my sponsor and best friend.

I was able to abstain because of COVID 19. But after 2 months of Netflix and playing every game we own, I was set free in an open store! oh the ephoria!

As an aside… I made these for my seniors. I can’t take credit for the idea. That was Pinterest.

Completed project a la COVID19

I did some stash busting this Easter weekend (hope you had a good one) and made some masks.

*NOTE: It is not clear that cloth masks will protect the wearer from infection but it may prove helpful in preventing the wearer from passing anything on.

All you folks who were teased for their vast twist tie collection are now in the privileged position of having a valued resource.  The wire ones work well at the top of a mask to make it fit snugly around the nose.  I used two together to get the right stiffness.

I had to fight the urge to add trimming to make it more “Victorian”.  Not only would it have looked odd but it may have decreased its protection by adding virus sized holes or adding weight that pulled it down.  If this goes on for an extended period of time, I may opt for making masks in assorted colors to coordinate to my outfits.  Or use pattern materials to make up for the lack of bling….

Fashion History buffs’ social distancing treat

For introverts like me, social distancing has been a treat.  Much of my adult life has been spent trying to get out of social engagements I have no interest in so I can Netflix binge and craft.  Now I’m doing what I like with no need to work my way out of engagements I have no interest in.  Yeah!

My latest thrill is “Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker”.  It is the story of an African American woman at the turn of the century who is trying to start a business.  She was an inspiring character and her story is really interesting.  But the icing to the cake for me is the costumes.  All of the dresses seem historically accurate to me.  But I LOVE  the fashions of the more well to do ladies.  They are so pretty.

I recommend it to anyone who is into history or biographies or pretty dresses!