Chunky Cowl

I used my Thanksgiving Day weekend to whip up a cowl.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it but I actually like it so I will be keeping it for myself.  I just hope I actually use it!  I have dozens of scarfs and shawls and things along those lines but I don’t make full use of them.  Many folks wear them like jewelry but I just get to hot!  Here is the completed project.IMG_20171009_163701936





New toy

This is another non-Victorian post.  Sorry ’bout that!  But, I bought a new toy and thought it would be fun to share it with you.  It is called an Embellish Knit.


It is basically a mechanized spool knitter.

I bought it with two intensions…one is to take cheap crochet thread and use it to make cording for decorative trims on Victorian gowns.  Cording and soutache is NOT cheap.

The other intension is to take all the cheap wool I have been hoarding for years and turn it into chunky yarn.


My first project used up 3 balls of this synthetic wool.

The Embellish knit turned those three balls of wool into one massive ball of chunky wool.


The beauty of chunky wool , of course is that it knits up quickly.  The heavy neck cowls seems to be popular these days so I may try knitting up one of those with this stuff and see what it looks like.

Once I have knitted it up I have no idea what I will do with it.  Donate it to charity?  I have no idea.  Another idea is to just make balls of chunky wool with my machine and old wool and see if I can sell that at my friend’s craft sale table.  One thing I know is craft sales don’t just attract people who can’t craft; they attract people who can craft who are looking for ideas.  A knitter may be attracted to an unusual looking wool.

Hopefully my next post is a completed project post-either a neck cowl or a corset cover!  Have a good Thanksgiving Day Canada!

New pair of socks

After finishing my red and black socks, I decided to reboot the pattern and see if I could fix some of the issues (too long, wont stay up).


I have a good start on the first sock of the new pair.  I’m liking the color choices.IMG_20170917_124526

I have been on a knitting kick lately because I haven’t got my sewing room restored yet(dismantled for son who returned home, reassembling after he moved back out) and knitting is so easy to take out and put away.  The fact that it is chilling off outside is adding to the knitting urge.  Hopefully, in the next week or two, I will finish a sewing UFO project…a corset cover.  I want that and a hat off my table soon because I have some sewing patterns on the way.  I hope to have a funtional Edwardian outfit up and running by November.

Red and black stockings

I finally finished the second stocking this past weekend.  (The pattern was from 1886 and I followed it exactly for stitch and row count but not color). It was a struggle to get them done because I came to the conclusion after I finished the first one, that my wool was thicker than intended and therefore messed up the dimensions of the finished project.  They fit but they are not a real reflection on how they were actually worn.  The fatter wool was helpful in making the stockings wide enough for me and my stout figure.  This meant I did not need to add stitches.  But the thicker wool also made them way too long!  I believe they were intended to be above the knee but up to the crotch is perhaps TO far above the knee!


Will I still use them?  Yes, they’d make great socks for a witches costume.  I will use them with my historical costumes on cold days because no one will be looking that far up my skirts (I hope).  I will have to find a way to keep them up.  The stocking garters I knit just wont do the trick.  I may have to add some elastic to the tops.  They are long enough that I could just sew them to undies and make leggings out of them.

I will call these mock ups and start a new pair.  I will simply reduce the number of times I repeat the pattern to get the right length.  I am going to make the next pair more colorful.  I’m debating on weather reducing the number of stitches will make them stay up.

Why stash busting isn’t working

I have started the second stocking.


It likely will take several weeks to finish.

I have other projects…sewing and knitting… on the docket and in the UFO piles and yet, I buy more wool.  But it was on sale.  And I have been thinking that after the current stocking is made, I want to make another pair.  This pair would be knee high instead of crotch high and I wanted it to be in 5 colors like the pattern suggests.

The pattern suggests pink, blue, gold, black and red.  That color combo is wild indeed.  Especially in the shades available to me.  So I swapped out the red and black (which is dumb because I would have left overs from my current pair but I’m like that. Why use up the wool I have when I can put it in the stash and buy more?)  I also swapped out the gold because there wasn’t any.


The pink and blue go with the fabric I bought for my next dress.  The dress colors were chosen because they would go with my pineapple shawl which I made and never had a dress to wear with it. The cream wool will match the shawl.   SAM_1962

The mauve wool goes well with the first three colors and there is a slight purple hue to the pink fabric for the dress. The fifth color was chosen because I needed a dark color for the toe, it went fairly well with the others and it needed to be a bit crazy because the pattern suggestions were crazy.  (Just too crazy for me).

I need to retire.  The reduced income would hinder buying more crap and the increased time would mean I would use up the crap I have and finish the UFO’s!  Lord, save me from myself.

HSF 2017: Challenge 5 literature

Gosh this is late.  And not really finished how I wanted! The plan was to knit a pair of stockings and use the quote from Jane Eyre.

” but women feel just as men feel; they need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts as much as their brothers do; they suffer from too rigid a restraint, too absolute a stagnation, precisely as men would suffer; and it is narrow-minded in their more privileged fellow-creatures to say that they ought to confine themselves to making puddings and knitting stockings, to playing on the piano and embroidering bags. It is thoughtless to condemn them, or laugh at them, if they seek to do more or learn more than custom has pronounced necessary for their sex.”


As you can see, I only got one stocking done.  A little late I can handle, but over a month late is too much.  So I quickly switched to garters.  The pattern is from Godey’s Lady’s book from the civil war era.  The pattern is on line.  Those I finished.  I wore the one stocking with a garter to see how well they held up.  They didn’t.  They might work on knee highs but not on crotch highs.  Gravity is too strong a force.  I may resort to some sort of belt system or elastic for the socks and try the garter on shorter socks.

Here are the stats:

What the item is: Garters

The Challenge, and how this item fulfills it: Literature-see above quote.

Fabric/Materials: yarn-synthetic blend with a silky feel to it.

Pattern: Godey’s Lady’s Book

Year: 1860’s

Notions: double point needles

How historically accurate is it? The only thing that is off is the fibers.  I’d give it a 90%

Hours to complete: about 6

First worn: around the house last week

Total cost: I used scraps left over from the one sock I made.  Mere pennies.

One down, one to go

I finally finished the first stocking.  The second shouldn’t take as long because, hopefully, I wont be unknitting as many rows.


You can’t tell from the picture but they go quite high, ahem, very “ain’t gonna be any pictures of that high” high.

They don’t stay up on their own so I will have to whip up a set of garters as well but from what I have read on line, the knit ones work pretty well.