He grew to fast

I started knitting a sweater for my new grand baby. Unfortunately, it came out smaller than I hoped and he is already too big. I think it is cute so some baby in my life will get it one day….

(I am blocking it now so that wavy bottom edge is gone.)

I like the pattern. The cabling was easy but makes it look like I worked like a dog on it! I also like the three little bone buttons at the shoulder. Is bone morbid for a baby? I liked the color best of my button options.

I basically knit it in the time it took me to binge watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and a few YouTube videos.

Productive vacation

I have completed a few projects while vacationing. They have ceramic painting which I like it do…with all the other kids. This what I started with.

This is what I did.

And this is how it looks after they fixed it up and glazed it.

Me likey!

I tried my hand at water colors.

This was my inspiration.

And this is the result.

I won’t quit my day job.

And finally finished a scarf that I will need in a few days.

Completed projects

I have made a small dent in my MASSIVE unfinished knitting projects pile!  I finished a sweater/dress I had been working on.  It is modern wear and it is intended for wear with leggings.  IMG_20191226_143124881.jpg

The photo with me in it isn’t a good one.  But you get the idea.


Need some control top undies with this!

I had a lot of wool left over and I was in desperate need of new mittens.

I knit up a pair and then decided I wanted a fluffy lining for added warmth.  So with a crochet hook, I filled the inside with “fringe”.


Once I had the wool hooked in, I split the strands up.


Once that was done I had a Muppet mitt!


Flip the mitt right side out and I have a woolly mitt.


I have lost two pairs of mitts already (and it is only December!) so I put them on a string and now, like all six year olds, my mitts hang out of my sleeve on strings when I take them off.  Second childhood….

The Christmas Tea

It’s been almost a week and I’m finally getting to the post about my costume groups Christmas get together!



Setting the table for the gathering. I am wearing my favorite dress…a 1870’s pattern and using my 1940’s dishware that I’m trying to collect a descent set of.


Lottie came dressed in 1700’s style. Not our usual Victorian theme…I told the girls to wear something comfortable and something they have been wanting to get more use out of.



This hand made cap is so dainty!


Shirley came in some festive 1860’s wear.


After some tea and muffins we did the gift exchange.



I got a bigger haul because it was a birthday/Christmas combo.

Time for the stitching.


Shirley wound a skein of wool into a ball.


Lottie added a few more rows to her Canadian Cloud.


I worked on some trim for the bodice of my next dress...1858 Lottie (Named after Lottie who bought the fabric for me when she went to CoCo).


Abominable snowdog

We had some snow last week.  I didn’t enjoy it but puppy did.


The winter weather motivated me to work on my knitting and I have the neck and shoulders done on my sweater-dress. I tried it on and it fits.  I don’t have any photos because try on day was not a support underwear day and that is not a good look for photos. I have decided on 3/4 length sleeves so it shouldn’t take to much time or wool to finish them.  (Assuming I don’t loose interest in it and it ends up in my unfinished knitting project TRUNK.)

I really am disgusted with myself.  Last week I gathered up all my unfinished knitting projects and put them in an old steamer trunk.  I had to sit on the lid to get it to shut.  And that is not counting my unfinished sewing projects and my hoards of wool and fabric that have not yet been started.  I shake my head in disgust!  I need another year of absolutely NO MORE BUYING for wool and fabric.  I could use an early retirement so I’d have more time but since that wont be happening anytime soon, I could use some discipline when it comes to time wasters games on my phone.

Talk to ya next week!

If all goes according to plan…

This past little while, I have been working on a UFO.  The plan is a sweater-dress to be worn with leggings.  Since I am not working with a pattern…just making it up as I go along…it could end up being an extremely hot night gown…. And I don’t mean hot “ooooh baby”.  More like “turn on the AC, I’m roasting” hot.


I do like the colors.  I hope the cabling will neutralize the horizontal striping which is less than flattering on figures like mine.   I also hope I haven’t over compensated for my generous bosoms.  Like I say, this could end up being a “turn on the AC” night gown.

Doors Open 2019

This past weekend was Doors Open in Winnipeg.  On the Saturday I showed the kitchen of Dalnavert House to the guests and I showed the Costume Museum’s display of 1919 clothes (you guys already got a sneak peek of those items.)

On the Sunday I was at the Vaughan street jail.  I wore my olive dress for both days but only had time and opportunity to get photos on the Sunday at the jail.

This is the whole Sunday crew.  Such a fun bunch of folks! But what was my facial expression?  I look like I am having a most satisfying fart.


We had the line ups hold strike signs in honor of the strike of 1919 and I do want you to notice our Mountie and the home made horse.  So cute and funny!


I tried to get a couple of good photos of Olive in action.  I shall have to try again.  My petticoat was in sore need of starching apparently!



The bodice could benefit from a ruffled corset cover to keep it from riding up and sitting on top of the girls.  I never did move those stupid buttons on the bodice up.  Still on the need to do list.

At least the shawl I knit got a good use as it was freezing in the jail.

Some of the things one contemplates as one waits for the next batch of tourists….

How does the bird poop end up on that window sill with the next building less than an arms length away?


Note pigeon shape in the upper portion of the window.

How many years worth of pigeon poop are these 2 piles?