Sugar bowl sweetness

I have shared with you my interest in a vintage dish set called Home Pastures by Alfred Meakin.

I also shared with you my success in finding and buying a creamer and my angst that I may not find the sugar bowl.

I recently did find the sugar bowl!  Lid intact!  I nearly jumped out of my seat with joy when I found it!  And the shipping was not out of this world!IMG_20160822_093341855

I don’t have enough dishes for a small dinner party but I can have a small tea party!IMG_20160822_093331108


I’ve been shopping!

I decided to buy more storage space for my blog.  Hubby may not get that this was a necessity ;).  I’ve also been bidding on some new pieces for my Alfred Meakin Home Pastures collection.  In less than a day, this may be mine!

Alfred Meakin

Me thinks I need to cool it for awhile!

Some prettys!

A few days ago, I bought myself a present.  (I buy myself the best presents…so well thought out!)  I have a new piece for my collection of Alfred Meakin Home Pastures.SAM_0966Will I ever find the sugar bowl?

I also found a photo of an 1840s dress that tried (more successfully) to cut curvy pattern pieces in the straight up and down rather than the chevron pattern.1845-50 dress V&AIf I want to make myself feel better, I will pretend that the wonky bits are hidden under the shawl.  I like the lace trim and tassels.  They are pretty!

My favorite dishes.

I grant that these are not Victorian.  But, if I had Victorian dishes I’d be too afraid to eat off of them!  No, my favorite dishes are merely vintage (1932-45) and not antique.  When I was a kid my grandmother gave some dishes to my mom….just a few odds and ends, bits and pieces.  They were my favorites because I found they had more character than the dishes from that horror of tastelessness known as the 70s.  And one day my mom gave them to me. 

Alfred Meakin Home Pastures.

I love the picture on the dishes…it is a place I’d like to go to.  It seems so serene.  One day, I’d like to own a complete set with at least 4 place settings.  So far I’ve found one plate.  Alas, my family has also managed to break one of the serving dishes.  One step forward and one step back.

There are some on-line that are a reasonable price.  I just have to talk myself into coughing up for the shipping.

Happy September all!