Saturday night

It is Saturday night before a costume event and I can’t get my butt off the couch and get things organized (lunch made, picnic basket emptied of UFO knitting so I can get the lunch packed in it, petticoat hooks checked, costume pieces gathered and ironed….)

I’m too tired.

I was out on an outing with my seniors on Friday.  It was a fun but tiring trip to the park.IMG_20170707_135438339

Followed by a wild night of tummy troubles for me and the dawning conclusion that puppy may not be feeling well herself (vet booked for Monday).  Crap crap expensive crap.


On top of all that, I watched my kid start moving his junk out of my house into his fiancés home (which he will be moving into at the end of the month after his wedding).  I’m feeling nostalgic.  (Cried at home movies last night because I missed my babies).

So, is it my fault that I am procrastinating by writing a blog post about procrastinating?  Tomorrow I will be writing about how much fun I had but I’m tired because I was up at 6:00 am trying to get everything done…. Oh stupid me….


Fur and Feather Friday

There is a crisp nip in the air this morning.  Honestly, I’m not a fan of extreme heat and spend most of the summer moving from one air conditioner to another-a fact that has become more true since menopause became a fact of my life-so I am relieved.

As the summer heads to its end, I have been noticing that the Canadian geese have begun flight school for the young ones.  They fly in formation but not very high and not heading south so I assume it is just practice runs as they look for farmers fields with grain on the ground.  In a week or two, our man made lake will be loaded every evening with geese (and ducks) that are grouping up and getting ready to head south.  The geese head south.  I have no idea what the ducks do.  I guess they head south too because I sure don’t see them waddling around my yard in February.

This past spring, we had a momma duck and her babies in my flower bed.  She runs a tight ship!  Those babies stuck to her like glue!  So close that at first you can’t tell it is more than one bird.SAM_3662

But as she moves to get away from us, we got a glimpse of fluffy sweetness.


There they go….a few more feet and they are in the lake!SAM_3666

Its raining again

During a particularly nasty rain storm, the hubby was out barbecuing.  I suggested he take the umbrella from the patio furniture to protect himself and keep the barbecue from cooling off.  Then I suggested that it was a parasol and he should strike a pose….photo 3

Good sport eh?

After another rain storm, a near by bush collected some “jewels”.photo 2

Window zoo

I love my yard…especially the view from my kitchen window.  It is like I have a little zoo out there.  A couple of weeks ago, the hubby and I enjoyed watching a wood pecker on a tree.  We marveled how he can bash his face against a tree and not get a headache.  That would be a useful knack to have….SAM_0001

I feed the birds

At work, we have some bird feeders set up outside the windows of the main rooms.  My seniors spend hours looking outside at the birds.  But it isn’t just birds eating there.  A few weeks back I posted about the rabbits that eat there 1Don’t tell the boss, but we also get mice.

Now that spring has arrived, we have new 1

Excuse the messy yard.  It is spring and landscaping is on the agenda for this year.  Looks like crap now. photo 2We think this is the Misses of the pair.  Hubby was standing guard on the 3

If the window wasn’t there, she’s be about 2 feet away from my seniors.  They are loving their “nature” show.  We spent quite some time watching them and joking that I may be over feeding the sparrows a bit!

Wanda B does pet rehab!

The nursing home I work in has pets.  Over the Easter holidays, one of our birds got sick and needed antibiotics twice a day for two weeks.  I do much of the bird care (as I’m one of the few that is not actually freaked out by them flapping around) so it fell to me to administer this medication.  Giving the meds is a hellish procedure for both the bird and I.  I had to catch her first in a little towel.  She is basically wild so that is the challenge.  Then I had to flip her on her back squirt the meds into her little beak and get her back into her cage.  Sometimes, she’d escape and I’d have to chase her around for a while.  I decided to bring the birds home for a week rather than have to go to work twice a day on my days off.  DSCF0047Then 6 days later, the cat needed surgery and he needed to be monitored for two weeks by one person.  He needed to be monitored because some of his meds are adjusted based on how he is eating and using his litter box.  With three shifts in the home there wouldn’t be one person watching out for him and mistakes could happen.  So off to Wanda’s rehab unit!  He is doing pretty good now.  And making himself at home! SAM_1044Here is my mad plan….Try and get some sewing done and get some photos of “cat vs sewing”!  I’m the only historical sewist that I know of that doesn’t have a cat that lays down on available fabric!