A Woody Woodpecker story

I forgot to tell you the story of the a yellowhammer woodpecker who crashed into a window last September when I was at the old jail.

Three of us were standing and chatting when suddenly we heard a thud. One of my companions saw that it was a bird that crashed into a window and it was laying on the ground after a 3 story fall.

I don’t know how he survived. But there he lay, panting and stunned.

We offered him some water in the little bottle cap but he wasn’t interested.

As he perked up and looked like he’d make it, we all started taking photos. Then we got a stick to see if he’d perch. We knew his wings were fine because he was moving them but we were not sure about his legs. If he could perch, he’d be fine. Surprisingly, he was very willing to perch on the stick.

We wanted to get him off the ground and away from any beasts that would do him harm, so we moved him to a tree.

He never did jump onto the tree. He just flew away. And we gave a cheer.

The end.

Ah, spring…

Spring time! The grass greens up and the trees begin to bud.

I live next to a man made lake. It really is quite lovely.

The other day, doggy and I were out walking and we found a goose nest.

I haven’t seen any geese on it so I guess it is a dud. Look at the size of that thing! Like a baseball!

I’m looking forward to when the fuzzy yellow baby Canada geese start walking around! So cute. The parents are vicious jerks but the babies are cute!

Staycation:animal visits

On Thursday of my vacation, I stayed home and puttered.  Mostly trying (unsuccessfully) to get the smell of burnt tephlon out of my house.

Friday, my daughter-in-law and I went out to visit my brother.  He and his wife love animals and they own and foster a crap load of them!


The chickens are usually free range during the day but there has been some issues with predators so they got a puppy that is supposed to be good with protecting livestock.  Until the puppy grows up and figures out its role, the chickens are cooped up.


Me and a cute frog (and the brother and a fore mentioned puppy).


No! Don’t jump!


My brother is fostering 3 kittens and their mostly feral mother (who will be spayed and released once the kids are grown.)


Do you think my brother and my hubby will notice if they come home with me?

Saturday, hubby and I went to the zoo.  It was a cool sunny day so the animals were all out and active.


While viewing the bears, we noticed a HUGE spider on the window over the hubby’s head.

I saw my favorite animal.38

Alas, it was only made out of bark.


Red fish, blue fish

I like my job.  I have a new position running a day program for seniors with dementia.  My co-worker and I are both very independent workers so we are left to do things our own way…just the way we like it.  So after a successful fund raiser, we were left to decide what to do with the profits.  We decided some pets would be the thing.

I’m quite pleased with our little arrangement.


There are two red fish, one blue and one yellow.


They have already been a great success.  It calmed one weepy lady, distracted one who was anxious, and gave several something to talk about.  It was nice.

Bit by the lazy bug

I didn’t post last week.  I was bit by the lazy bug.


OK, I admit it.  That was not a lazy bug.  This big guy is a baby Luna moth (I think).  The hubby found him while walking the dog.  After his photo shoot with me, he was returned to the wild.

I also found something in my travels.


There is a bit of a hobby that I dabbled in a year or two ago…Winnipeg rocks.  People paint rocks and then hide them and hope that others will find them and post it on Facebook. They also hope that their rock is well loved and kept as a treasure or it is re-hidden and hopefully found again and posted about so that the painter can follow the travels of their rock. Some rocks even leave the country!  I like the rock I found so it will stay with me…for awhile anyway.

Next post will be historical fashion, I promise!

Little bit of everything

I have lots of things to share with you all.  First, a completed project.


I have a friend at work that is expecting a baby. I will add this to my contributions for her baby shower.

Spring has sprung around here.  I’m loving all the flowers.  Late spring is my favorite time of year.

My sweet 4 legged baby loves spring too.




The baby ducks and geese are out now.  So cute!


And now finally, something Victorian.  Lottie gave me a cabinet card that I want to share with you.  I love the detail on the “lapel”.  I’m thinking beading and embroidery.


There is quite a bit of writing on the back of the card.


The clearest bit says…


Taken in May 1896.

The next clearest bit says…


With love and best wishes



What do you think the name says?

There is more writing on the bottom.


All I can make out is “…day I am…”

Can you make any of it out?  Sure you can with such blurry photos.






Doors Open 2019

This past weekend was Doors Open in Winnipeg.  On the Saturday I showed the kitchen of Dalnavert House to the guests and I showed the Costume Museum’s display of 1919 clothes (you guys already got a sneak peek of those items.)

On the Sunday I was at the Vaughan street jail.  I wore my olive dress for both days but only had time and opportunity to get photos on the Sunday at the jail.

This is the whole Sunday crew.  Such a fun bunch of folks! But what was my facial expression?  I look like I am having a most satisfying fart.


We had the line ups hold strike signs in honor of the strike of 1919 and I do want you to notice our Mountie and the home made horse.  So cute and funny!


I tried to get a couple of good photos of Olive in action.  I shall have to try again.  My petticoat was in sore need of starching apparently!



The bodice could benefit from a ruffled corset cover to keep it from riding up and sitting on top of the girls.  I never did move those stupid buttons on the bodice up.  Still on the need to do list.

At least the shawl I knit got a good use as it was freezing in the jail.

Some of the things one contemplates as one waits for the next batch of tourists….

How does the bird poop end up on that window sill with the next building less than an arms length away?


Note pigeon shape in the upper portion of the window.

How many years worth of pigeon poop are these 2 piles?


Color in 1919

One of the dresses on display for the Costume Museum’s homage to the 1919 strike is this little number!  Super cute!


I don’t know what job this striker would have had but she would have been stylin’!  May be she was upper class with a bent towards helping the down trodden.


I adore the flower pattern and the necklace chosen to accent it is pretty nice too!


I don’t know if the hat is a set with the dress but it is a perfect pairing!


The color scheme reminds me of these photos taken over my house a few days ago.  The plan is to move in the next year or two and I shall miss this little lake out my kitchen window!

In other related views from my window…


…meet Groucho.


Now that he is named, he has become my “outdoor pet”.

Stay tuned for my next post!  Victorian at Heart will be starting its costume season today!  It is the perfect day for it I think!  Sunny but not too hot!  Yeah!