Vacation highlights

I am sitting on my balcony in Mexico. I have a great view of a parking lot thinly masked by palm trees. Not a great view but it is warm and the bird sounds are nice. The room has been less than stellar but the hotel itself is pretty, the food is good and there are tons of animals to see.

I have yet to get a good shot of the howler monkeys, coatis, iguanas and geckos we’ve seen.

You have to be chubby to survive our winters

Another day at home.  If I don’t think about the lost income, I can get to like this.  I’m on my couch knitting up a storm…after last nights snow storm.  Okay, not really a storm, just a dump of snow on top of nasty cold weather.  I’m just glad I’m in here and not out there!

I’ve made some progress on my cloud.


If I get bored with that, I move to the black counterpane.  I’ve added another 4 blocks to that.


If I get sleepy or if I get involved in a complex plot on Netflix, I switch to a baby blanket that is a simple repetitive crochet stitch.


And every once in awhile, I look up and out my living room window.


We have several bushes in the front yard that the birds seem to LOVE.  There are usually dozens of them in there.  In the summer, you can’t see them because of the leaves…only hear them.  In the winter, you can’t miss them because they are chubby little pork chops.


I caught one in mid flight!  How does that non aerodynamic blob fly? (To bad I chopped his head off).


Holiday with the animals

My computer is still broken. I am still pecking with one finger on my phone so you get another week of less wordy posts.

I was on holiday this week and the hubby and I went to see Kismet Creek Farm and the Winnipeg zoo. 

At the zoo, the wolves gave us an up close and personal view.

The polar bear was enjoying a cool dip in his pool.

He was having a great time with his toy.

I like the seals.

At Kismet Creek Farm there were donkeys.


And llamas.

Maybe I can work out a deal for some of that wool!

Look! A goat in a boat!

The farm is a rescue for at risk animals. Polkadot has some obvious jaw issues.

Gotta love the animals!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow country men

Happy Canada Day and good wishes for July 4th to my US readers. 

My holiday weekend has begun with some computer issues. I am attempting to fix them myself so Lord knows how that will go. The experts either want a ton of money to fix it or they want you to buy a new one. Grumble, grumble, grumble. In the meantime, I will use my phone.

I took some of my seniors out for a jaunt in the park last week and I saw two woodpeckers. In fact I was dive bombed by the little darlings! 

Adventures at work

Cool day today!  I was out watering my resident’s raised flower bed when one walked by with her daughter and her daughter’s dog.  The daughter says “Hey mom, there is a duck!” I turned my head just as I saw the duck think “Hey, there’s a dog!”  It flew up and over the low ledge into the fountain.  That is when I saw the writhing mass of fluff.  11 babies, probably not more than a day old.  I pointed them out to the group.

The daughter, mom and dog move closer to the ducklings so mom can see.  We all have a look and I process the scene.  Mommy duck is calling, but babies can’t get over the ledge.  Human Mom, daughter and dog move away because dog just noticed the ducklings.  But the ducklings start to follow them!  I process the scene again.  Babies are imprinting on lady, dog in thinking about the ducklings and the daughter is focused on mom and nearly stepped on the babies TWICE!

There was nothing for it but to pick up the babies one or two at a time (“oh my so soft and fluffy…don’t pet them…just get the work done…they are not pets…”) and toss them into the pond with duck mom.  It was quickly apparent that they 1) had never been swimming before, 2) they took to it like…well…ducks to water 3) this was mom’s plan all along and 4) she wasn’t worried that they smelled like a human. They all had a leisurely swim with their dinner.


Please take note of the pile of bricks at the top center of the above photo.  They are hidey holes built for the fish and become part of my story in a bit.

While they enjoyed their swim, I ran around trying to figure out how they will get out again.  If they couldn’t get in, they certainly wouldn’t be able to get back out.  I decided to use the bricks and build them a stair case.  That meant taking off my shoes and getting into the rocky, slimy, fish poopy water. I took apart one of the hiding places and built the stairs and tried not to think about what I was walking on. You can see it in the top center of the photo below.


It didn’t work.  And now they seemed tired.  And duck mom agreed.  So she swam over to the pile of bricks you see in the first picture.  She jumped on top and the babies tried climbing up with her.  But there just wasn’t room for 12 ducks on that pile and mom kept pushing them, flippers over fuzz top, off the pile.  The now small crowd gasped in horror every time we saw one bounce down the layers of brick!

So my shoes came off again.  Back into the pond.  I tried herding them back towards the stairs.  But I couldn’t move fast enough on the rocks to keep them going in the right direction.  I tried fishing them back out in the hopes that mom would follow but she just herded the rest back out of my reach so I had to toss the ones I “saved” back in! The only other thing I could do was rearrange the bricks so they’d all fit on.

That was when the grounds keeper that I called, arrived with the duck ramp he had whipped up.

They didn’t figure out the ramp but the wider brick surface worked.


I left them to have a rest and hopefully figure out the ramp later.

An evening staff person sent me this update:


Someone had the good idea to extend the ramp to the little duck island I built and it looks like they may have added some food to lure them down the path.

I couldn’t have planned a more exciting program for my seniors than that one!

Oh deer

Guess what I saw in the parking lot at work?  A deer!


Just past those trees, there is a frozen river and on the other side of the river there is a major city park that has some bush.  I’m guessing that is where that guy normally hangs out.  I sure hope he goes back and doesn’t end up on the busy streets!

Saturday night

It is Saturday night before a costume event and I can’t get my butt off the couch and get things organized (lunch made, picnic basket emptied of UFO knitting so I can get the lunch packed in it, petticoat hooks checked, costume pieces gathered and ironed….)

I’m too tired.

I was out on an outing with my seniors on Friday.  It was a fun but tiring trip to the park.IMG_20170707_135438339

Followed by a wild night of tummy troubles for me and the dawning conclusion that puppy may not be feeling well herself (vet booked for Monday).  Crap crap expensive crap.


On top of all that, I watched my kid start moving his junk out of my house into his fiancés home (which he will be moving into at the end of the month after his wedding).  I’m feeling nostalgic.  (Cried at home movies last night because I missed my babies).

So, is it my fault that I am procrastinating by writing a blog post about procrastinating?  Tomorrow I will be writing about how much fun I had but I’m tired because I was up at 6:00 am trying to get everything done…. Oh stupid me….

Fur and Feather Friday

There is a crisp nip in the air this morning.  Honestly, I’m not a fan of extreme heat and spend most of the summer moving from one air conditioner to another-a fact that has become more true since menopause became a fact of my life-so I am relieved.

As the summer heads to its end, I have been noticing that the Canadian geese have begun flight school for the young ones.  They fly in formation but not very high and not heading south so I assume it is just practice runs as they look for farmers fields with grain on the ground.  In a week or two, our man made lake will be loaded every evening with geese (and ducks) that are grouping up and getting ready to head south.  The geese head south.  I have no idea what the ducks do.  I guess they head south too because I sure don’t see them waddling around my yard in February.

This past spring, we had a momma duck and her babies in my flower bed.  She runs a tight ship!  Those babies stuck to her like glue!  So close that at first you can’t tell it is more than one bird.SAM_3662

But as she moves to get away from us, we got a glimpse of fluffy sweetness.


There they go….a few more feet and they are in the lake!SAM_3666

Its raining again

During a particularly nasty rain storm, the hubby was out barbecuing.  I suggested he take the umbrella from the patio furniture to protect himself and keep the barbecue from cooling off.  Then I suggested that it was a parasol and he should strike a pose….photo 3

Good sport eh?

After another rain storm, a near by bush collected some “jewels”.photo 2