I’m so boring!

Since this photo, a border has been added and the quilt sandwich has been assembled.

I have nothing great to talk about these days…get ready for work, go to work, run errands, cook dinner, veg out, go to bed… lather, rinse, repeat. Doesn’t make much material for blogging.

I have been slowly plugging away at a summer weight quilt for my new bed (see above). The piecing is my favorite part. Once that is done and the border is on , I struggle with motivation. I may have to look into what is involved (effort and money wise) to hire a long arm quilter. At least for the big projects. I’m sure watching me flop around on the floor this evening, trying to make a quilt sandwich was pretty funny.

Latest quilt

Not loving this latest project. In fact, I like the back better than the front. If I were a painter and this was a canvas, I’d be painting over it.

It is meant to be a star sampler quilt. Too much gold and not enough time spent moving the blocks around.

Another picnic quilt! How’s that for positive thinking!

Postcards for my peeps

My job WAS working with seniors who are living at home with dementia. They come spend a day with me and their peers and their primary carer gets some time off. But since COVID, all I can offer them is a weekly care package that includes a letter, some puzzles, reading material, coloring pages, jokes, candy and a small gift. Last week I made quilted postcards that they can either keep or mail to a friend.

There is 1 for each person. The top card shows the place for the stamp and writing.
These two are my favorites.

I started a quilt for my grandson (who lives in Germany) that he can use when he is here visiting. They will be staying in our basement which is cold. I think he will be able to use it.

Not sure why the colors are so washed out. Must be the lighting. Basically the colors are more true primary colors.

Kaleidoscope hexagon quilt done

The latest quilt is done. It is intended as a cuddle quilt for the couch. My mom got it.

I’m happy with my piecing.

I’m happy with the quilting.

I’m not thrilled with the color choices on the front…or the back…but it was all thrift store or stash material.

I’m not happy with the zigzag stitch used to put the blocks together. I thought the wider stitch would “frame” each block and make them stand out. It just isn’t that pretty.

But, it is functional. And I learned from it so that’s good.

Sneak peek

I’m working on a quilt for my mom. Each block is made into a hexagon and it is done by having enough printed fabric to have 6 repeats of the print.

You cut the 6 sections apart and carefully stack them up so each layer is exactly lined up with the layer above and below. Then you cut 60 degree triangles. You sew each stack of 6 triangles together to make a kaleidescope hexagon. The next step is to back and quilt each hex before zigzagging them together. Below are a few of my favorite blocks.

The wedding gift is done

I finished the wedding gift for my son and his future bride. I’m mostly happy with it. From a distance (from which most people will see it) it looks OK. Up close, it wouldn’t take long for people to see the thousands of mistakes: the places that are less than ideal because of the lack of skill, the racing through steps, the cost saving choices and the poor design choices, which is all part of the learning curve. Also, most folks (my age anyway) would not to decorate in those colors and with mermaids. I get that. But I love color and working with color. My son is an artist that deals with fictional and fantasy characters so he will appreciate the mermaids and the color. And the bride-to-be had a say in the colors (though she had no idea she’d be stuck with this thing in a few months LOL!) Anyway, I am counting on the love my kid has for me, the understanding he has for how much work goes into creating things and the fact that it isn’t the only gift they are getting to help him get past all of the mistakes. That and the fact that he is male and isn’t genetically programed to notice decor. His bride will find a use for it if not as the focal point of their bedroom.

Do you like the sea themed pictures in the background of this photo? Appropriate to the mermaid theme…especially the manatee picture.

I made a pillow to go with it.

This is the back. In retrospect, I should have reversed the colors. But the original plan was to do it all in the light blue but I ran out of fabric.

I enjoyed the process and I am already planning to start another quilt. This time, in tamer (but possibly more “old lady-ish) colors. The next quilt has a few new skills and techniques I want to try. And I’m going to invest in the more expensive batting. That was one of my cost saving choices in this quilt but I can see, now, why quilters usually choose the more expensive batting that has the low “loft”. The fluffy stuff is cheaper but is a pain to work with when you are doing quilt-as-you-go. It also coats the entire house in a fine film of dust when you cut it. I’m not sure the massive long arm quilting machines would love that stuff either. This next one, I think, will go in my room. If hubby agrees….

Tie cases are done wedding quilt progressing

I finished the neck tie cases with oodles of time to spare. I really like the race car one! I know just who will get that one!

They ain’t pretty-especially side by side-but individually they look and feel OK.

Speaking of ties. Remember the tie skirt?

It is cute on the floor and on a hanger but it looks terrible on me. If I carried my weight on my hips it would work but I carry it on my gut so a short skirt (especially with stripes) makes me look like a beach ball. So this one is destined to be deconstructed and the silk used in some sort of quilting project. I’m half playing with the idea of trying a MUCH LONGER ONE to see if that improves the look of it. That would mean buying more ties. I’d also consider taking the points off and making a straight hem and I’d line it. That silk was a bit too sheer. You didn’t need much of a light to see the shadow puppet show my thighs were putting on….

I’m making some good progress on the quilt I want to make for my son’s wedding. Pictures to follow.