Fashion History buffs’ social distancing treat

For introverts like me, social distancing has been a treat.  Much of my adult life has been spent trying to get out of social engagements I have no interest in so I can Netflix binge and craft.  Now I’m doing what I like with no need to work my way out of engagements I have no interest in.  Yeah!

My latest thrill is “Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker”.  It is the story of an African American woman at the turn of the century who is trying to start a business.  She was an inspiring character and her story is really interesting.  But the icing to the cake for me is the costumes.  All of the dresses seem historically accurate to me.  But I LOVE  the fashions of the more well to do ladies.  They are so pretty.

I recommend it to anyone who is into history or biographies or pretty dresses!

It makes me laugh

Just a couple of random stories that show my warped sense of humor.

As you know, I work with seniors who have dementia.  This week we played a game I call “Gone Hunting”.  I drew a bear on a white board and had my peeps shoot him with a Nerf gun.


Right over the bear we have a clock hanging.


Every time they hit it, I said they were killing time.  And since they have dementia, it was hilariously funny EVERY TIME!

My other funny story is I’ve been to the dentist today.  I’m not a fan.  I’ve had some bad ones that really should have been working in a dungeon under a medieval castle.  That is saying a lot for me.  As a migraine sufferer, I have a very high tolerance for pain…but not in the mouth.

This has lead to years of avoiding the bastards  profession all together.  Anyway, I sucked it up because I know that avoiding them is yet another bad health decision on my part.  This new dentist doesn’t want me avoiding her for years so for my cleaning she took pity on me and froze me up.  I now can’t smile properly…

IMG_20200122_172501710.jpgAnd my kissy face has lost its sexual appeal…


So if this were the Victorian era I’d probably NEVER see a dentist unless I absolutely had too.  If I can be a baby with dentistry with the liberal use of freezing, imagine what I’d be like if dentistry consisted of a blacksmith/farrier with a pair of pliers and a strong set of biceps.


I wanted it, didn’t need it and talked myself out of it

My last post was about liking thrift store items and buying them even though I didn’t need them.

This post is proof that I do have some self control!  As you may or may not know, I love elephants.  I have them everywhere.  I saw a picture that would go nicely in my living room (I’d have to remove other pictures from the wall to make it fit).  I took a photo of it because I knew I would walk away from it.  I knew that I’d be moving into the realm of “silly” if I bought it!


The thing that pushed it over the top was not the shiny back ground but the fact that it was in 3D.


It is for the best.  I likely would have taken my eye out with a tusk if I bought it and hung it!

Not photographed was a brush and mirror set I almost bought.  I thought it looked a bit Victorian and would add to my sewing room decor but, once I got to the cash register, I decided it didn’t. So no photo.

As far as Victorian stuff…my video restrictions actually had me using time to mend the skirt I ripped during my last costume event.


I still need to fix a bunch of hooks and eyes on the bodice before I can put it away.  I wish I had ladies maid to deal with that kind of thing!

Would try these?

I was skimming through some of my old books this weekend and came across some recipe’s I’d consider trying.


Thankfully, I wouldn’t be trying them on a wood stove!

The book with the recipes is…


Let me know if you’d try these recipes.


A possible solution to all the Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers.  I’m sure turkey would work too.


Indian meal would be what we call corn meal.  Mace is the outer layer of nutmeg so I’m guessing nutmeg would work too.  A farina kettle is what we would call a double boiler. Can you even find those now? I would try the typical oven temperature and time for muffins.  Trial and error!


A quick oven would be about 400-425 degrees.  Again, trial and error for the time!


Indian meal is corn meal. The last instruction is a bit misleading.  You don’t bake them, you fry them.  A muffin ring is like a metal cookie cutter.  Mason jar lids would work too. The rings, hold the dough in its shape until the frying is done.


Okay…this sounds good to me but no way hubby would eat it!  The bread might be too soggy though.  But, I’d give it a go!

What do you think?  Worth giving it a try?


Red fish, blue fish

I like my job.  I have a new position running a day program for seniors with dementia.  My co-worker and I are both very independent workers so we are left to do things our own way…just the way we like it.  So after a successful fund raiser, we were left to decide what to do with the profits.  We decided some pets would be the thing.

I’m quite pleased with our little arrangement.


There are two red fish, one blue and one yellow.


They have already been a great success.  It calmed one weepy lady, distracted one who was anxious, and gave several something to talk about.  It was nice.

Bit by the lazy bug

I didn’t post last week.  I was bit by the lazy bug.


OK, I admit it.  That was not a lazy bug.  This big guy is a baby Luna moth (I think).  The hubby found him while walking the dog.  After his photo shoot with me, he was returned to the wild.

I also found something in my travels.


There is a bit of a hobby that I dabbled in a year or two ago…Winnipeg rocks.  People paint rocks and then hide them and hope that others will find them and post it on Facebook. They also hope that their rock is well loved and kept as a treasure or it is re-hidden and hopefully found again and posted about so that the painter can follow the travels of their rock. Some rocks even leave the country!  I like the rock I found so it will stay with me…for awhile anyway.

Next post will be historical fashion, I promise!

Little bit of everything

I have lots of things to share with you all.  First, a completed project.


I have a friend at work that is expecting a baby. I will add this to my contributions for her baby shower.

Spring has sprung around here.  I’m loving all the flowers.  Late spring is my favorite time of year.

My sweet 4 legged baby loves spring too.




The baby ducks and geese are out now.  So cute!


And now finally, something Victorian.  Lottie gave me a cabinet card that I want to share with you.  I love the detail on the “lapel”.  I’m thinking beading and embroidery.


There is quite a bit of writing on the back of the card.


The clearest bit says…


Taken in May 1896.

The next clearest bit says…


With love and best wishes



What do you think the name says?

There is more writing on the bottom.


All I can make out is “…day I am…”

Can you make any of it out?  Sure you can with such blurry photos.






Opera cape

Note the pineapple motif on the shoulder.

Last weekend during Doors Open I ran into a woman with this fabulous opera cape. It was so lovely I had to take a photo or two. While chatting, I discovered she is related to my costume pal Lottie! (Sorry Lottie, I meant to tell you about that but I forgot!)

Have a good week all!