But the dresses are so nice…

Ever watched a show or movie that you really didn’t like because you like the costumes?  I’m Netflixing one now that really is not to my taste.  The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.  Basically, she is a sociopath.  The question is not “will she kill someone?” It is “how many per episode?”  Some movies or shows try to make the killing easier to take either by having the killer be second to the hero of the show or by having the killer only kill bad people.  Not this show.  She kills anyone, good or bad, whoever gets in her way and she gets away with it.  Not to my liking.  But the dresses…  There are 3 I really want to copy!

The first dress you see Lizzie Borden in:

80d663ed5426534508564a01576bb06bOh how I love it! The piping is fabulous!

One of the dresses I like was worn by her sister.  I’m afraid the photo is another one of those phone picture of a computer screen…(any one know how to get screen shots of Netflix that are not blank?)


It is hard to see but it is a pale grey with wide lace and a huge belt buckle.  Yum.

The final one is worn by the hotel owners wife.  I have the perfect material for these.  Left overs from my 1845 Atessa dress and some black linen-like material for the skirt.  IMG_20170429_164458459

So many plans/dreams, so little time.

Happy Easter

I hope your holiday was a pleasant time, and for those of us who enjoy the Easter Monday off of work as well, I wish you a good rest.

I haven’t been doing much.  Either cooking, eating, or playing Sims.  But I did so some knitting and watching Netflix.  I’m really into Dickensian these days.  Nice costumes…the hats are the BEST.  p03cgmrr

For those of you who don’t know, Dickensian takes various characters from Dickens novels and puts them all together in one town and lets them interact.  It is much like the concept of Once Upon a Time, which puts various fairy tale characters and lets them interact.  The trick is, the characters still have to remain true to what happens to them in their repective stories.  I recommend it highly.

So pleased with my nerdy self!

I sometimes like to play the computer game Sims.  When the kids were little, it was bordering on an obsession.  In fact one of the reasons we now have 5 computers in a 4 person house is everyone got tired of me hogging the one and only computer to play Sims.

Things are a bit different now.  I’m not what you’d call an aficionado.  I haven’t run out and bought the latest version.  I still play Sims 3.  And these days, with Netflix in my life I go 6 months or more without playing and then I have a couple of weeks where I take it up again.

I’ve taken it up again.  I should be in the basement finishing my Edwardian shirtwaist but instead I am playing Sims.  But I simply must share this nerdy thing I did.  I built a Sims version of Dalnavert House Museum.  (Sorry for the wonky phone photos of a computer screen.  I couldn’t convince my computer to print screen properly).IMG_20170413_092902171_HDR

Okay, it isn’t exact.  I’m a bit limited by items available in my game.  Perhaps with a few more expansion packs I can get that roof right.SAM_2871

After I finished the house I made a “mini me”.  Then I used a cheat and made myself rich and then I bought the house and moved it!  Isn’t that great!  I can live “the dream” at least in the Sims world.  Which is why I like Sims.  Here is a world I actually do control.

Here is “mini me” in the dining room having cereal.


Here I am walking around the study. And then reading a book at Hugh John’s desk!

And now I’m in the lady’s sun room.


Some of the floor plan in the servants area is off.  I obviously didn’t have an actual floor plan to work with but, hey, it’s just the servants wing after all.





Meander through the weekend

It has been an interesting weekend.  There was some shopping.  I found a sale on corsets that was so good I had to buy two!  I also bought some lacy wool for a shawl for the up coming wedding this summer.  I needed something to cover the ol’lady arms but not add to the summer heat and my hot flashes.

Speaking of wedding,  I got the pattern for my modern sun dress done up and the fabric cut out.  I added it to the growing pile beside the sewing machine (Edwardian blousewaist, corset cover, leather gloves, shiny poly fabric gloves, modern tank top.)

Speaking of modern, I got some sewing done on the Indian Sari that is to become a bathing suit cover up.  I tried it on with my bathing suit and it isn’t doing what it is supposed to…ie cover up.  It is a bit gross actually.  In order for it to work as that, I actually have to line it.  If I’m going to the trouble to line it, I may just as well turn it into a dress.

I went out for coffee with my bff and we did some sip and bit*h and some day dreaming as well.  I wish I had seen this prior to our day dream session.  I would have included it.  It is a little castle for sale in England for under a million!


Isn’t it pretty!


It only has one bedroom so they have an annex for guests.


Annex for guests!  Hahaha, that’s funny!  Everyone knows this is my sewing room!

The line between weird and cool

I had absolutely no inspiration for a blog post today until I read another bloggers post.  The gist of it was her experience with two groups of costumers, those who would live in their costumes and feel as comfortable in them as they do modern clothes and those who are slow to get into them and quick to get out of them.  The idea of going to a modern venue still in costume or the idea of walking down a modern street ALONE in costume is uncomfortable. It was a well written post-the best feature being it was non-judgmental about either stance.

I think I fall a bit in the middle.  I have no problem going to a modern place in costume.  But I need to be with at least one other person in costume.  It is the idea of STANDING ALONE that freaks me out.  The idea I am not part of a recognizable group makes me feel weird. In the States, Reenactors are fairly common.  It is almost unheard of here in my part of Canada.  So a woman walking in period clothes alone would garner the same kind of stares as a person who chose to wear a wet suit and tutu down the street.  We would not be part of a recognizable group so we might be dangerously insane. If you see a person in punk clothing, you may not trust them because of their counter culture stance but you do not wonder if they will be unpredictably unbalanced. They have conformed to the standards of a recognizable group and therefore capable of predictable social behaviors. Wet suit and tutu guy…not so much.

The other considerations for the “I’d live in my costumes if I could” stance, is I actually am more comfortable in modern clothes.  I feel PRETTIER in Victorian clothes but I feel more comfortable in modern clothes.  A lot of people do.  That is why leggings and yoga pants are so popular in spite of them not being the most stylish thing on many body types.  And most of my friends and family are not costumers.  The fastest way to socially isolate myself (and loose my job) would be to attempt to wear a costume every day.

And that is why I have Victorian “costumes” and not Victorian style “clothes”.  What do you think?

Escape Rooms

My family and I tried an Escape Room last night!  What fun!  We did a pirate one (drat, none of them would dress up!)  I want to do another one RIGHT NOW!  We barely made it out alive. Truth be told, they gave us an extra 2 minutes because we almost had it but got hung up on one puzzle.  I’m telling myself the pirates stopped for a bit of grog before heading back to the ship.


Eyes blacked out to prevent Black Beard from identifying my family, finding them and making them walk the plank.

The premise was we had been held in the brig by Black Beard.  The pirates had gone to shore to do some pillaging and we had one hour to escape from the cell (which we did rather quickly), find our way to the Captains room, find the map and sail the ship away.

If you get the chance to try and escape room DO IT!