Little Library time

The Costume Museum is setting up a display of some its books for the public to flip through.  We have set up the display like a library so folks can sit down and flip through the selected books.  It didn’t take long to create the selection so once done, we sat down to flip through some of the books ourselves.  I found one on crochet that seemed to be from around the turn of the century (though I couldn’t find an actual date on it.)

I found a couple of patterns I’d like to try and this blog seems like a good place to save it.  I often think of my blog as a kind of “cloud” for saving photographs and ideas in the event of a computer crash.

so here goes…a lace with a matching insertion.







I haven’t tried this yet but I anticipate some struggle to comprehend vague instructions.  Sigh….



Hair work workshop

On the last outing with the Victorian at Heart group, I had a nice chat with Lottie in the car and she mentioned a hair work lecture at Dalnavert Museum.  It sounded cool so I decided to sign up for it.  I wasn’t sure if she had signed up or was just thinking about it so I wasn’t sure if I’d see her there.  She was there!


We were working on some of the techniques used in Victorian hair wreaths.  Lottie chose blond hair and I chose black. (For the workshop, we were using fake hair but both Lottie and I want to try it with our own hair.)


I think they turned out rather well for first attempts!


The class was put on by Sandra Klowak.

Sandra is an amazing artist who has put a modern slant on an old technique.




During the question and answer portion, it came up that now a days, people seem to want to have little things made from their pet’s hair.  Ginger, my dog, is probably wondering why I keep looking at her tail!

Lovely Lottie gives gifts!

I spent some time with my costuming group this past weekend and Lottie, who had recently spent some time in Colonial Williamsburg, brought wonderful gifts!  Shirley and I both got some amazing smelling soaps (I can’t decide if I will use it or keep it in mint condition).  Then Lottie gave Shirley an antique monogramed hanky and I got a fabulous cabinet card.



Except for the big bow at the back of the neck, I like this outfit.  I think the floral bit is supposed to look like a full shirtwaist under a jacket but is probably a fake one.

It reminds me of an Edwardian dress I saw in a house museum this past weekend.  It had a similar effect.



Basically, the shoulder detail sewn on top of a fake shirtwaist.

The poor thing is in rough shape-especially the collar- and there are a few mistakes with how it is displayed (sitting in direct sunlight with a 1950’s hat on top). I couldn’t tell without pulling at it if the collar as displayed incorrectly (laying flat on the shoulder instead of wrapped around an imaginary neck) because of incorrect display or because it was in such sad shape.  It was light grey silk (Looks like a short man’s tie) and it had started to shatter.


I could see what it was supposed to look like and I think it was quite pretty in it’s day.  I like the shades of grey and the layered effect very much.

The win every time lottery

This is a non-Victorian post.  Other than the news that I will soon start volunteering at Dalnavert House (yeah!), I have no new things to share.

I was out shopping for my youngest boy’s 25th birthday (when did he get so old!) when I happened upon a Hidden Gem’s candle.  I have wanted to try one for some time now and so I bought one for myself.  In fact I had a “gift” for myself before I had one for my son!  Since I was there for the original birthday, I deserve a gift too, right?

I brought it home and lit it up.


It took a couple of evenings of burning to get to the point where I could find the hidden packet inside.


With the tweezers, I was able to get the packet out.


With a bit of ripping, I removed the foil and found my ring.


Wonders of wonders, it fit!  And is quite pretty on my wrinkly old hand.


It is valued at $25 which is less than I paid for the candle but I still have a few more nights of the candle and a the jar once it is done.  All in all a good deal.  I think I will add Hidden Gem’s candles to my birthday and Christmas wish list.  I think they are rather fun.

Feeling up beat!

I had a great day at work today.  I had a major success with one of my seniors and that always makes me feel like a rock star!

I’m feeling so good that I don’t mind that I had to cancel tomorrow’s outing with Victorian at Heart.  It is all good.

How about some more good news…Dalnavert has contacted me about an orientation to volunteer at the house in a more regular fashion so I’m super stoked about that.  Dang job will keep me from volunteering often but I’m okay with that today (reference: the first paragraph of this post).

In other good news, the Costume museum is going to have a button and trunk sale to rid themselves of some unused space killers.  Guess who is going shopping!  Let me start drooling over those buttons!  I love the trunks too but I’m not sure where I’d put one of those.


And one final good news story: when I was a young mom, I sold the old treadle sewing machine my grandmother taught me to sew on when I was just a kid.  I regretted that move from the moment I watched pull out of my drive way.  I’ve been watching for one just like it.  Well, one of the volunteer’s at the Costume Museum brought in one of her own to add to the display that was up last May.  It is so exactly like the one I sold that I am wondering if it IS the one I sold.  I can’t wait to speak to this lady and find out it’s back story!



Bringing home a treasure!

This past Tuesday, I was able to get back to volunteering at the Costume Museum after nearly 2 years of not being available because of my work schedule.

This session was not hands on as the group was planning the display coming up next month.  It will be a display of things bought at the now defunct Eaton’s store.  Alas, there will be no Victorian items but there will be a few Edwardian things.

During the meeting I did score something for my home…a display piece that was being chucked because of wobbly legs.  I have a few handy fellows in my family so I saved it from the garbage bin.


I think it may have originally been a desk.  It is tall enough.  I fell in love with the handle!  It is solid wood…not veneer and particle board. I may get it refinished but honestly, I don’t mind the scratches.  The chip in one leg is easily hidden if moved to the back.  It just needs some glue and a few bolts tightened!


Lazy 4 day weekend

I have been lax in keeping up this blog and I have been lax in everything else.  I’ve, basically, been on “mental pause” for the past month.  I’ll blame work.

Currently I work a 12:00 to 8:15 shift which is great money but a bit hard on life.  For the past month I have been applying for a day time shift and waiting on the news to see if I got it.  I did get it and I start on April 16th.


It is like my whole life and mind is on pause until that date.

It doesn’t help that spring weather seems to be on pause as well.  It just wont warm up and we are stuck in the half melted dirty phase of spring!


I haven’t been completely idle.  I’ve been getting my butt kicked in my new favorite game.


I’ve been Netflixing and knitting up a storm-especially during the past lovely long weekend.  I reknit a scarf that I found to wide but not long enough.


I’ve been working on a blanket.  Once this pile of squares is done and attached, I will be half way done.


This is it so far.


I am hoping that as the weather warms up, I will get more excited about sewing again.  My Edwardian Olive dress is stuck in the same spot…just a few more buttons made.


My costume group has been brain storming our plans for outings this year.  IMG_20180402_173255626

May be that will get me going in the sewing room again!  We shall see!