Escape Rooms

My family and I tried an Escape Room last night!  What fun!  We did a pirate one (drat, none of them would dress up!)  I want to do another one RIGHT NOW!  We barely made it out alive. Truth be told, they gave us an extra 2 minutes because we almost had it but got hung up on one puzzle.  I’m telling myself the pirates stopped for a bit of grog before heading back to the ship.


Eyes blacked out to prevent Black Beard from identifying my family, finding them and making them walk the plank.

The premise was we had been held in the brig by Black Beard.  The pirates had gone to shore to do some pillaging and we had one hour to escape from the cell (which we did rather quickly), find our way to the Captains room, find the map and sail the ship away.

If you get the chance to try and escape room DO IT!

I’ll be missing in action

It is time for my annual winter escape.  In years past, I have arranged a bunch of posts to pop up on their own while I’m gone but that is not happening this year-to much crapola in my life the past two months.  I will be back after a week of blissful rest (at least I hope it is blissful) and I will be fully recharged. (Well…at least less crabby….) Until then

Crochet hook holder

A few posts back, I was whining about no one wanting my knitted or crochet projects. One of my solutions was to simply make stuff for myself.  And the things I can use a lot of is bags/containers/holders to keep my crap organized.

Up until now, I have been using a plastic case to hold my crochet hooks.  img_20170121_185119092.jpg

But it was originally a kit and I have more hooks than were originally intended for the case.  This means the case wont stay closed and then the hooks fall out.img_20170121_185109251.jpg

A real pain in the rump roast.

I had seen “housewives” that were popular in the Victorian era (and I believe earlier).  They were cases, usually made from scrap bits of fabric, that were designed to hold random tools and items needed for sewing.  So I thought,  “they used left over fabric for a house wife for sewing- I will use left over wool to crochet a housewife for crochet hooks.” Ta da!img_20170121_185138874.jpg

As you can see…nice and tidy!  They are spaced quite far apart but in reality, I can get quite a few more in there…once I find them in all their hiding places.  It rolls up nicely and all the hooks stay put. img_20170121_185229072.jpg

I did two rows black, one row grey (left overs from my sons neck warmers).  I used double crochet for every row but I altered every second row of grey.  In the altered row, I crocheted into the row below the normal spot every second stitch.  This created the little points on the out side.img_20170121_185241160.jpg

On the inside, it created larger loops that I can slide the hooks into.

The plan is to use knitting needles and a knit stitch to make a new knitting needle case and I will use circular needles to make a case for my circular needles.  AND THEN I will sew a housewife for my sewing things.  I am inordinately pleased with myself!


Hello Dolly

I have no inspiration for this post other than my new paper doll book.  So here are a couple of my favorites.img_20170108_163623828.jpg

I love the lacy wrap on the doll on the left.  It would have absolutely no insulating ability but sure is pretty.

The gown on the right is very pretty!  This is saying a lot as I usually hate yellow in clothing…at least on me.  It would be nice to find a fabric like that one.

I think it is cute that the dolls are playing with dolls!

Belated gift

I received a belated Christmas gift last week.  Call me a big kid but I love it!


I don’t know if you ever played with paper dolls, but I have, and I loved them.  It is going to take a bit of self control to stop myself from cutting them out and playing with them!


I wont show you every page: you will have to get a copy of the book for yourself if you want to see them all.  I will just dole out a few of my favorites when I am having a dry spell for post material.  I will start you off with these two. img_20170108_163607042.jpg

Victoria’s pink thing is a bit much but LOVE Eugenie’s brown number!  The hat is FEATHER FABULOUS!

With that I wish you a fabulous week.  My goal is to keep on keeping on with my car drama and to sew up the chemise and corset cover I cut out this weekend.  I have a chemise but I could use another and the corset cover will be a new thing.  (Sorry Shirley, I am using the corset cover pattern you lent me somewhere around a year ago!  Totally forgot I had it.  Hopefully, I will have it done in time for our coffee date next week so I can give it back!)

All about the wedding

On Facebook, there was a random game posted which said if would predict how 2017 would be for me.  It told me to grab the nearest book which is my 1901 copy of “The Life of Queen Victorian and the History of Her Reign”. I picked it up at a flea market many moons ago.


The next step was to turn to page 117.  I don’t know why that number.  May be 1 is for January and 17 is for the year.


The next step is to go to the second sentence on the page.  Again, I have no idea why.  May be the two is for the 2 in 2017…picking 20 may not work if the book is a small one.  This is what I got.


“On the way back the bride was no longer pale, but had a glow of happiness on her cheek and an expression of confidence and comfort in her eyes.


Makes sense because the big event this year is the wedding of my first born, which launches me into the new role of Mother in Law. Now you try it and let me know what you got!

They know me and love me

I got many good gifts this year.  Here are some of my highlights.

Old clothes and coloring!  Double hit!img_20161225_170734214.jpg

Inspirational quotes and coloring-double hit again!img_20161225_170757949.jpg

A 3D puzzles that looks like my dog.  It was hard so it is never being taken apart! EVER!img_20161225_170515575_hdr.jpg

Be still my Trekkie heart.img_20161225_170617191.jpg

I didn’t know what this was until the hubby explained it.  You put balls of wool in it.  You are supposed to hang it near where you are working so that it dispenses easily but really it is to keep my dog, who thinks she is a cat, from playing with it.img_20161225_171507294.jpg

An elephant watch and necklace.img_20161225_170918842.jpg

There were many more fabulous gifts but less photogenic.  Who wants a picture of a bag of coffee and gift cards?  I hope your haul was equally wonderful!