In honor of the first treaty signed in Manitoba

The Seven Oaks House Museum hosted an event in horror of the first treaty signed in Manitoba.  (July 18, 1817).  Members of the Manitoba Living History group hosted a reenactment. My groups member, Lottie, is also a member of MLH and she was there in action! Front and back view of her ensemble.

There were some displays with my favorites being the spinning display…


…and the gun and military jackets.  This jacket is a replica of the one that would have been worn by Capt. Miles Macdonell, first governor of the Red River Settlement.


I loved the animal displays as well!  Who doesn’t!

There was a camp display.


There were some stunning representations of clothing and of key players of the time in the event.






Isn’t this cute!


The event featured a parade with a flag raising and an offering from the aboriginal members of the event.  I hope to get the videos playing upside up in my next post.

Then there was a reenactment of the treaty signing and gift exchange.



My understanding of this treaty was the original signers did a fairly good job of honoring it…but the next generation did not.  And Canada is still struggling to reconcile and start clearing up the mess that was made of broken promise after broken promise.


UFO finished!

It must be nearly 2 years ago that I bought my little Spin Well spinning wheel.  I spun up some wool fairly quickly but got hung up on the plying.  I couldn’t figure out how to get my wheel to take up the wool onto the bobbin once it was plied.  Basically, I had to ply a strip of it and stop the wheel and turn the bobbin by hand.  I got hung up by the frustration.  (I tried looking on line.  Every video and blog spoke about different makes and models of wheels that had parts and doodads that my wheel does not.  I can’t find any reference to parts that my wheel is missing.) Anyway, if you are interested, here is a link to the posts about the wheel and my drama trying to get it to work.

Anyway, I finally knuckled down and finished that ball of wool.  It is thick and lumpy (which makes it very fashionable, by the way) but I am proud of it.IMG_20170404_095115310

It knit up quickly.IMG_20170405_083517651

I was hoping for a scarf but realistically, I knew it wasn’t very likely.  So I went with neck or ear warmer.

Wow!  Those photos really showcase the wrinkles and turkey waddle!  I probably need to start adding filters to my photographs!

So, like, I’m a fiber artist. I, like, spin wool…

I’m ridiculously pleased with myself as my wool spinning made leaps and bounds in progress.  When I first started, the wool was lumpy, uneven in diameter and it broke every two inches.IMG_20151228_132925846

There was a ton of waste.IMG_20151228_140818292

And suddenly it clicked.  It was only breaking every foot and a half!IMG_20151228_140447946

And now I’m a pro!  Okay, okay….it is still lumpy and uneven but I could go an hour or two without it breaking!  I have one braid all spun onto my one and only bobbin!IMG_20160103_152225675

Until I can score some more bobbins, I will have to wind this on paper towel tubing.  Then I have to decide if I will leave it as is and knit it as one ply (there are too many thin spots that will likely break during knitting so I don’t think I will do that), or spin the other braid and put them together and use it as two ply (the colors will get mixed up that way so I am fairly sure I wont do that) or try to Navajo ply that will make a strong 3 ply wool that I can control some of the color mixing.  As you can see, I am leaning towards that. Just a bit scared I will ruin my work doing that….  What to do…what to do!

Harder than it looks!

In my last post I wrote about tuning up my spinning wheel.  Since then, I have attempted to make it do its thing!  I used the wool I was given for Christmas.IMG_20151227_112724874

At first it didn’t go to well.  It kept breaking.  After an hour and a half-this is all I accomplished.IMG_20151228_132925846

This pile of broken tangled bits on the floor was greater than the finished bit on the wheel.IMG_20151228_140818292

But, then suddenly it started to click and in 20 minutes, I doubled my production.IMG_20151228_140447946

It is much thicker (and lumpier) than I hoped-especially if I ply it together to a 2 or three ply skein.  It would be stronger if I do but it will lose its distinct color changes so I might not do that.  There is a style of plying called Navajo (several videos on YouTube explaining how) that might not mess up the variegation as much.

The tricky part that I have to figure out….now I’m getting ahead of myself.  I need to concentrate on getting the one ply done before I figure out what I’m going to do next with it!  I do need more bobbins though…off to eBay….