So, like, I’m a fiber artist. I, like, spin wool…

I’m ridiculously pleased with myself as my wool spinning made leaps and bounds in progress.  When I first started, the wool was lumpy, uneven in diameter and it broke every two inches.IMG_20151228_132925846

There was a ton of waste.IMG_20151228_140818292

And suddenly it clicked.  It was only breaking every foot and a half!IMG_20151228_140447946

And now I’m a pro!  Okay, okay….it is still lumpy and uneven but I could go an hour or two without it breaking!  I have one braid all spun onto my one and only bobbin!IMG_20160103_152225675

Until I can score some more bobbins, I will have to wind this on paper towel tubing.  Then I have to decide if I will leave it as is and knit it as one ply (there are too many thin spots that will likely break during knitting so I don’t think I will do that), or spin the other braid and put them together and use it as two ply (the colors will get mixed up that way so I am fairly sure I wont do that) or try to Navajo ply that will make a strong 3 ply wool that I can control some of the color mixing.  As you can see, I am leaning towards that. Just a bit scared I will ruin my work doing that….  What to do…what to do!

Harder than it looks!

In my last post I wrote about tuning up my spinning wheel.  Since then, I have attempted to make it do its thing!  I used the wool I was given for Christmas.IMG_20151227_112724874

At first it didn’t go to well.  It kept breaking.  After an hour and a half-this is all I accomplished.IMG_20151228_132925846

This pile of broken tangled bits on the floor was greater than the finished bit on the wheel.IMG_20151228_140818292

But, then suddenly it started to click and in 20 minutes, I doubled my production.IMG_20151228_140447946

It is much thicker (and lumpier) than I hoped-especially if I ply it together to a 2 or three ply skein.  It would be stronger if I do but it will lose its distinct color changes so I might not do that.  There is a style of plying called Navajo (several videos on YouTube explaining how) that might not mess up the variegation as much.

The tricky part that I have to figure out….now I’m getting ahead of myself.  I need to concentrate on getting the one ply done before I figure out what I’m going to do next with it!  I do need more bobbins though…off to eBay….