Bringing home a treasure!

This past Tuesday, I was able to get back to volunteering at the Costume Museum after nearly 2 years of not being available because of my work schedule.

This session was not hands on as the group was planning the display coming up next month.  It will be a display of things bought at the now defunct Eaton’s store.  Alas, there will be no Victorian items but there will be a few Edwardian things.

During the meeting I did score something for my home…a display piece that was being chucked because of wobbly legs.  I have a few handy fellows in my family so I saved it from the garbage bin.


I think it may have originally been a desk.  It is tall enough.  I fell in love with the handle!  It is solid wood…not veneer and particle board. I may get it refinished but honestly, I don’t mind the scratches.  The chip in one leg is easily hidden if moved to the back.  It just needs some glue and a few bolts tightened!



2 dollars!

I went thrifting this weekend and finally found a pair of leather gloves that fit my big hands. They need to be stretched out a bit so at some point I need to soak them and wear them till they dry. The best part is they were only $2! Yeah me! They will look so good with my costumes!

Flea Market’s best find!

I was walking along, picking this up, turning that around, when I spotted something that made me think “Dr. Who Tardis”.


I picked it up and turned it over and found a clasp.IMG_20180203_163034607

A lovely clasp!

When I opened that clasp I really noticed the embossed edge.


That embossing is on 3 sides.


I’m still pretty clueless about what it is other than some sort of book.  It wasn’t until I opened it up that I realized it was a photo album.


What threw me was its small size.  It is an album that displays one carte de visit per page.  And of course, I will share with you.


Flea Market Gem

The hubby and I launched our vacation with a trip to a flea market.  I scored BIG!  My first purchase was a whopping $3 and worth that and more!

It is a little misers purse.  Obviously handmade (crocheted).IMG_20180203_162019574

I couldn’t tell you how old it is (they were around from late 1800’s to the 1920’s) but the closure strings remind me of one I saw at the Costume Museum of Canada and that one was dated 1870’s.  It was also crocheted.

It took awhile to figure out how to get into it but once I did I though “ingenious!”


There is a little tab on the front (look closely at the top photograph.  If you pull on it, it pulls the two sides apart and pulls the strings out.


To fish something out, you poke your fingers past the strings.


Then to close it, you pull on the ring.


I am getting a lot of bang for my buck with this item.  I can study it and figure out how it was made and make more.  And I can use it with my next costume because the color is a near perfect match!


Tomorrow I will share another treasure with you.

Oh Lord, help me. I am so weak!

One of my all time favorite stores had a 50% off sale day on Sunday.  Value Village!  In addition to 2 shirts and a pair of pants that I need for work, I also got a puzzle.


I don’t need this.

I got some jewelry.


I definitely don’t need these.

And I got wool.



But it was on sale.  If I bought it at the original store it would have cost me $48.  But for $48 I got all the wool, jewelry, clothes and puzzle.  So it was like getting all that other stuff for free.  Right?  Queen of Rationalization!

The new corsets are here! The new corsets are here!

I found a corset sale where two corsets plus shipping and exchange cost less than one normally does. This first one is a bit big in the bust area but not any worse than I’ve had before.

I have been wanting white ones for some time as they are what was more commonly worn and I needed a new one because one of the bones in my old one seems to have broken and it digs and scratches unbearably.

This second one seems to fit better in the bust area.  I have to try wearing this one with the bolero from my 1861 dress.  That didn’t fit the bust properly and one theory I had was the corset didn’t fit the bust properly either and with a tighter corset, it might be fine.

The fate of the old broken corset?  Possibly I will buy a bone and fix it but more likely (now that I have two new ones) it will be hacked up and the usable bits will be used in an Edwardian corset on my to do list.  I hope I can buy just one bone.  If not I may have to try zip ties.