Not dead. Just idle

I didn’t die. I’ve just had nothing Victorian to write about. COVID has put a strangle hold everything. Sure I have more time to make things but without a dead line or goal I’m doing very little sewing or crafting in general. The flea markets are open again. And I bought the above umbrella. More vintage than Victorian but it is close enough to add to the asthetic of an outfit.

Lucky find!

Before all the stores shut down (again) for COVID I decided to get in a thrifting fix. I lucked out and found a pristine table cloth for $4! That is about 3 US dollars.

I think it is beautiful (even though it is quite old school!) and the amount of work makes me feel a tad guilty that I got it for only $4!

A recent Friday

A couple of weeks ago, I had a nice day. It was a quiet day at work that was topped off with taking a few of our residents out to the water fountain.

It was a nice day weather wise.

Then after work, I went to a fabric sale which was a fund raiser for the Canadian Costume Museum. I didn’t need more fabric so I was good and only bought one chunk.

I have no idea what I will do with it.

I wasn’t totally good though….

I bought…

scissor holder
Pin cushion
Thimble holder
Thread winder

All of these things will go together to make a seamstress chatelaine.

I bought a helper for my sewing table.

A sewing bird

I also bought a real antique. Any guesses what it is?

I’ll show you. You pull on the loop to pull out the insides.

The two dangly, blurry bits are crochet hooks.

Select the one you want and fold the other one back. Slide the chosen hook back into the handle and ta-da! A crochet hook.

These hooks are microscopic! Basically the thread would be sewing thread thickness. I don’t know if my old eyes will be able to manage this!

Good day, wasn’t it!

Thrift store score:vintage Siam silver

As the restrictions in Manitoba slowly lift, hubby and I decided to do some thrifting in a local flea market.  Some members of my family thought it was far to soon for us to be doing that (and I respect that) but with Manitoba having done so well in this crisis (322 cases in total, 300 recovered, 7 died, 15 active) I felt with some social distancing and hand washing it was worth the risk.  Not a necessary outing but good for the spirits none the less.

I found some jewelry that I rather liked.  It was brooch and a set of matching earrings.  Not Victorian (alas) but charmingly vintage.


Oops! I was holding that earring upside down.  That’s what happens when you do stuff like that without the reading glasses!wp-1593388007691.jpg

Dang too blurry!  You get the idea and I’m too lazy to get up and redo the photo.

A Google search revealed that they are vintage Siam silver niello jewelry. One blog (click here for the link) says:

“These stunning creations were hand made in Siam (now called Thailand), and the figures, buildings or animals created in the jewellery usually depict characters and scenes from Buddhist and Hindu tales and religious text. The country of Siam changed its name to Thailand in 1939, changing it back to Siam in 1945, and then was finally renamed Thailand in 1949…… Jewellery is usually stamped ‘Made in Siam‘ on the back, though later pieces were could be stamped either ‘Siam’ and ‘Thailand’.”

Mine says made in Siam so it is either from the late 40’s or earlier than 1939.

The earrings depict Mekkala the goddess of lightening and the brooch depicts Matcha the mermaid queen (it is because of her I wanted the brooch) and Hanuman the king of monkeys. I loved the story of these two.

“(Hanuman is) a clothed revered monkey-diety holding a sword. Sometimes shown with Matcha. This is due to a Ramakien tale of Hanuman being sent by Prince Rama to build a bridge over Queen Matcha’s Sea Kingdom, but the Monkey King falls in love with her instead.”

It is fun learning about new things.

Don’t need it but I want it!

I went thrifting today.  I found a few things I liked.  A mini oil lamp to add to my display in my sewing room.


A cute pocket watch…very modern but has some potential for costuming.


A small clutch.  I had considered it as an accessory for the dress I’m currently working on but, though the colors work, I think it is to modern and ethnic looking so I will probably use it for going to dinner while on vacation.


Tea cups

My last post was about an outing and tea.  This post is a variation on the theme.  Victorian at Hearts previous outing got cancelled because of weather so we got together and had a stitch and bitch instead.  During that stitch and bitch, I got rid of a bunch of fabric with Lottie taking some.   Shirley brought some fabric as well and I was good and didn’t take much of that.  What didn’t get taken was donated.

Also during that tea, I gave the girls a gift I had been considering giving at Christmas time.  I found 3 tea cups with pictures of Queen Victoria while doing some thrifting.

Shirley took the orange one.


I took the purple one.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the blue one that Lottie got.  Anyone know anything about these cups?  Since there is a picture of the young queen and the old queen, I’m guessing it is some sort of commemorative cup of her jubilee but I don’t think they are actually that old.  There are no markings on the bottom so not likely very valuable.


More from Santa and some thrift store scores

In my last post about all the free fabric I got, I forgot to mention some other items I got-primarily books. I also got a book about fitting pants, which I can’t find right now.

There was several purse handles but I don’t make those often but I couldn’t pass these up.


I went thrifting today.  I didn’t buy fabric or wool.  Yeah me!  I’ve just had a major purge of fabric and heaven knows I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE WOOL!  I did find a few games that I think will work well with my seniors and some more books for myself.  I’m gonna have a nice little hobby library soon!

I’m really excited about this one!


Santa came early: my cup runneth over!

My girlfriend called to say a friend of hers was emptying her mother’s house and there was a ton of fabric she wanted to give away for free.  I said I’d be interested if they were natural(ish) fibers and big pieces because a fluffy girl like me isn’t getting to far with a half meter!  She said there were, so I made an appointment to go rummage.  Turns out the woman was a fiber artist (a very good one) and she had a collection that makes mine look dainty and sweet.  It was all very well organized and labeled so I had no trouble finding things I’d be interested in!

This is the pile shoved into the house…

Unloaded hoard

This is the pile sorted!

sorted hoard

This pile, circled in the photo below, is natural fibers but wild colors so I think I will use them to make modern clothes.  Hmmm.  I wonder how long that will take to get too?modern clothes

There is a lot of velvet.  Some of it is stretchy but such a nice color.  Do I use it (with a lot of flat-lining to hide the stretch) or just make plush toys or 1980’s sweat suits?

Stretchy velvets

There is quite a bit of good velvet.  One is black and one is a lovely deep purple.

good velvet

There are small bits of real silk that would be nice for trims or hats and purses.

Small bits for trims and hats

What am I holding over my head?


I know I’m supposed to make a muslin of a new pattern.  I never do.  My excuse is I don’t have any and I can’t justify the expense!  No excuses now!

The other larger pieces are big enough for at least a skirt if not a full dress.  The question will be: do I have a project in mind? if I don’t have a project, what do I do with it?  Well, Lottie and Shirley, this is where you come in…I’m going to go through my old hoard and this new batch and anything I can’t see a future for in the next 10 years should probably go to a good home.  By our next outing, ladies, I hope to have a pile or two  set up for you to pick over for yourselves.  You too, shall benefit from my wind fall!

Anything you don’t want, will get offered to a sewing niece and daughter-in-law. If they don’t want it, I will hang onto it.  (The woman I got the stuff from, didn’t want to see it end up in the garbage or donation box.)  Inspiration is unending!


Mike’s General Store

There is a little antique shop I like.


They have reasonable prices and they are tidy and organized so finding things and picking things up to look at is not like an expensive game of Jenga. I got one of my cabinet card albums there, my stereoscope and some stereoscope cards and cabinet cards.

I picked up a few things there this past weekend.  Let me show you one…


It is a little carte de visit that I liked because it depicts a woman who is not tiny and she is wearing a skirt and shirtwaist that do not match.

Christmas on a dime

Because of a (hopefully temporary) loss of hours at work, hubby and I decided this needed to be a frugal Christmas.  The kids are independent adults now so they “get” the concept of budgeting and belt tightening so they are not asking for big things.  Boy number 1 (the world traveler) just wants to video chat on the day.  Good thing because mailing him anything with Canada Post on strike (again) he’d never get anything on time so it would be a waste of time.  Boy number 2 recently left the nest so all he wants is some house hold supplies… doable.

Hubby and I decided to stick mainly to inexpensive stocking stuffers so Dollarama was my go to place.  I did want to get him a few other things to unwrap so Value Village was my next stop.  I didn’t do to badly there.  Possible lesson learned: Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank.

My annual tradition is to buy myself a Christmas gift (as a reward for braving the stores) and I scored in the book section.  I got myself a couple of coloring books…the favorite being this one. IMG_20181220_191411004.jpg

Its coloring and a guessing game!

I bought myself a how to book. IMG_20181220_183656249.jpg

I know how to do most of this and obviously, there is YouTube. But I wanted it because it does have one section on lace making that I wanted to have in hard copy (so I can refer to it while watching Netflix).  I scored a tatting shuttle awhile back and I need to learn how to use it.  IMG_20181220_183730286.jpg

Hope you guys are getting on top of your Christmas to-do list!