More goodies

I haven’t been very productive and I haven’t been getting out much so I don’t have much to say for myself here.  So you get another post on my shopping sprees!

The last spree provided some vintage lace.  Don’t know what I will do with them but they will have a life with me.


There was a string of random buttons. I think someone may have been trying to make a charm string.

I will take a quote from a Sentimental Quilter.

“In Stories of Mother Goose, little Tommy Tucker says, ‘You know what a charm string is. Just ever so many pretty buttons strung together and worn around your neck.’ Nineteenth century folk wisdom had it that a girl should acquire 999 buttons on a string. When she added the thousandth, she would meet her Prince Charming.”

One more item…IMG_20180916_210704317

A print of a fashion plate from 1869.  This will look nice when framed and hung on my sewing room wall.


Functional and cute

In the basket of goodies that I bought last week (which included all the books I mentioned in my last post) there was a cute pin cushion and thimble holder. 

Pretty sweet. It is not Museum worthy so the best thing to do is use it as it’s maker intended…a pin cushion.

Flea market score: part 1

Sunday, the hubby and I celebrated 29 years of marriage.  I am a good wife and I know Sunday is football day so I suggested we celebrate on Saturday.  I am also a smart wife.  I asked the hubby on Saturday if he had bought my gift yet.  He hadn’t.  To his credit, I hadn’t bought his either.  So I suggested that we go to a flea market and we each buy something we want and that would be our gift from the other.  He agreed (likely was relieved to have gotten out of the horror of trying to shop for me.)

I “got” two things for the anniversary and I will share them both with you, dear readers, this week.

I got this lovely little doll!


Done in 1890’s style.


The skirt is velvet and the top so some sort of satin.


She now has a prominent space in the sewing room.

Another sale!

The Costume Museum of Canada is selling off some of the unaccessioned items that don’t fit the current need or mandate. Last month it was buttons and this month it was patterns, lace and some brickabrac. I scored again!

I got some carte de visited that I will share another time. I got some glove stretchers.

These will handy (pun intended) for the gloves I own which are too tight for my cubby paws.

I got some nice lace that will work as a lappet. 

So dainty.

I also got two prices of lace that may work on the skirt of my latest project or on sleeves.

I may be able to make my own lace with my very own lace thingy. Step one: learn what it is called.

I got an amazing collar that looks very Edwardian to me. It is about half the size of my neck so I will have to make some clever changes to it if I am ever to wear it.

I got another apron which I adore! 

And finally and very randomly I got a beaded hummingbird that I have hung in my car to give me joy while I drive.

Button buys

It was a whirlwind weekend with lots of action that made it fly by.  On Saturday I had an orientation so that I can start volunteering officially at Dalnavert Museum later on in the month.  After that I went to a gathering for my nephews who have started a heavy metal band and were wanting to play in front of people.  Though it sounded like noise to me, I did appreciate the skill required and could see how people who like that crap music would like it.  Then there was supper at an out door café.  It was too hot for me (36 Celsius  98 Fahrenheit) and I couldn’t eat.  All I could do was pray it would be over soon.  Sunday was church, lunch at my sister-in-laws and then the kids and their significant others joined us for dinner and a games night.  Whew! busy!

It all started off on Friday night when my costuming buds and I met at the costume museum’s button sale.  As a volunteer, I was able to pre shop and I came home with quite the haul!  Shirley, Lottie and I went for coffee afterwards and ooo’d and awed over each others scores.  This is what I got…


Three large brass buttons


6 smaller matching buttons


8 metal buttons


1 Blurry close up.


16 matching metal buttons


Less blurry close up

A jar of bone buttons.


A tea cup full of buttons. In this case, I was more interested in the tea cup than the buttons.





For the find of the day….


A box of jet buttons.


Very few match.


But there is a few pairs.


And some are close enough that from far away, they’d be fine.


Some weren’t jet but I still liked them anyway!

Button, Button. Who’s got the button?

This past Tuesday, the volunteer session at the Costume Museum of Canada was prep work for the Trunk and Button sale that will be taking place early next month.

Some people were working selecting buttons for the scoop bins.  (Pay the price and scoop out a bunch of buttons.)  Others were sorting buttons that matched for sale as sets.  I was working assembling random pretty buttons on cards for collectors.


This is one of mine. The card is a photo of hat pins in the museum’s collection. I sewed some pretty buttons over top of a few for a “3D” look.

One of the perks of volunteering is some pre shopping I can do.  My selection has been set aside for me to be priced and then paid for on sale day.


My little potential hoard.  I may have to “throw some back” if the price ends up being higher than I thought.  I hope not….

If the little darlings become mine, I will share photos of my loot!