Oh Lord, help me. I am so weak!

One of my all time favorite stores had a 50% off sale day on Sunday.  Value Village!  In addition to 2 shirts and a pair of pants that I need for work, I also got a puzzle.


I don’t need this.

I got some jewelry.


I definitely don’t need these.

And I got wool.



But it was on sale.  If I bought it at the original store it would have cost me $48.  But for $48 I got all the wool, jewelry, clothes and puzzle.  So it was like getting all that other stuff for free.  Right?  Queen of Rationalization!


The new corsets are here! The new corsets are here!

I found a corset sale where two corsets plus shipping and exchange cost less than one normally does. This first one is a bit big in the bust area but not any worse than I’ve had before.

I have been wanting white ones for some time as they are what was more commonly worn and I needed a new one because one of the bones in my old one seems to have broken and it digs and scratches unbearably.

This second one seems to fit better in the bust area.  I have to try wearing this one with the bolero from my 1861 dress.  That didn’t fit the bust properly and one theory I had was the corset didn’t fit the bust properly either and with a tighter corset, it might be fine.

The fate of the old broken corset?  Possibly I will buy a bone and fix it but more likely (now that I have two new ones) it will be hacked up and the usable bits will be used in an Edwardian corset on my to do list.  I hope I can buy just one bone.  If not I may have to try zip ties.

I’m committed…or perhaps I should be…

A few weekends ago I bought a vintage Battenburg table cloth with the intensions of cutting it up and making an Edwardian blousewaist.  But once I laid it out, I began to have misgivings.img_20170225_201825369.jpg

The dang thing was really pretty and someone went to a lot of work to make it.  I swung back and forth.

SAVE IT: It is pretty.  If it were properly ironed and if my table was shrunk down to its smallest size it would look very nice in deed.

JUST DO IT: I did iron it and it did look nice but ironing it caused me to notice the little stains that probably pushed it into the discard pile of someone else’s life.  The fact remains that it will be a few years before I can keep my table at its smallest size and then I will promptly dump gravy on the table cloth and ruin it.

SAVE IT: It is old.  One doesn’t just paint an antique oak dresser to up date it!

JUST DO IT: It is likely more vintage than antique.  And one does paint over an old pine dresser to up date it.

SAVE IT: But… But…Ummm.

JUST DO IT: I’m going to get more use out of a costume piece than I will a table cloth.

So I did it.  Once the first cut was made, I was committed. All that is left of the table cloth is a pile of cut out pieces.img_20170318_151711919.jpg

There are a couple of Battenburg medallions and a few random bits of the embroidery that will idle in my stash for a few years until I can come up with a good use for them.  Trim and blocks on a quilt?img_20170318_151732668.jpg

There is a massive strip of the lace from the edge of the cloth.  Most of it is in good shape though some of it had to be nicked to get the pattern pieces cut out-if only I was a size 2.  The lace strip will also idle in my stash.img_20170318_151743757.jpg

And there is the smallest bit of garbage.  I may have desecrated an old thing but I sure wasn’t wasteful!img_20170318_151728645.jpg

Nothing left to do but clean up the mess.  The scene of the crime if you will.  img_20170318_151832588.jpg

There was enough fabric for the whole project except for the optional skirt that goes at the bottom.  img_20170318_151801969.jpgYou can have a skirt or “peplum” that gets tucked into the waist band of the skirt or you can just have a plain band that seems to just get covered up with a belt.  I’m going to root around the stash for some white cotton and make the band from that. It wont be a perfect match but it will be hidden and it wont be glaringly obvious…I hope.

Something else I have been considering…when I sew it together, there will be sections of seam that will be unstable because it is cut lace rather than solid fabric.  I think the way round that will be finishing the seams with bias tape.  I’m classically lazy and rarely do anything with the seams.  I know lots of sewists who take great pride in their whip stitched seams or their pretty French seams but I hate them.  But in this case I’m going to have to stifle my laziness and commit to bias tape.  I see a trip to the fabric store in my near future or a few hours of mindless cutting and ironing….


Oh gosh, I don’t think I can do it

I went to the flea market on Saturday.  At first nothing called to me.  Then things called to me that were to big and expensive. (I can’t slip a $200 side board into the car and not have the hubby notice…).  Then I found a table cloth loaded with embroidery and Battenburg lace.  And the price was better than I expected! Yeah!


I snagged it knowing that it was too small for my table. I snagged it because I had evil plans for it…cut it up and make an Edwardian shirtwaist.  If I avoided the big patches of Battenburg lace, there would be enough to make a shirtwaist and there would be enough actual fabric that it wouldn’t be slutty.

Trouble is, it isn’t as small as I thought.  If I take the expansion leaf out of my table, the cloth would fit.  And with some ironing, it would look so lovely next to the buffet I have next to the table.


It really might be too lovely to desecrate with scissors.  But then again, the table wont be shrunk down until the kids move out and a white table cloth and food… It might get more use as a shirtwaist.

I think I will have to iron it and shrink the table just to see what it will look like.  I could use it for tea parties with dainty ladies rather than for my ravenous family in the middle of a dine and dash…okay, I don’t think I can do it.


Christmas gift card gone

My main goal for dress creation this year is one 1900’s dress in my wardrobe.  The one I have my heart set on is this one…you’ve seen it before. 1909 in the V&A collection.1909-dress-va-d

I really want it in the purple but the fabric gods were not forthcoming and it will be in green…not my favorite shade of green either but workable.146

Probably wont be using those buttons.  I have some Dorset buttons that will be better.

Anyway, the hat…. Hats are always a challenge because silk flowers that actually look okay are expensive.  I’ve usually had to a) buy good stuff but not enough of them because I don’t have enough coupons or b) buy cheap Dollarama flowers that look cheap.

But, the hat for this dress will have a ton of good flowers courtesy of all my gift cards and a couple of coupons.img_20170108_163155182.jpg

I think they will be a nice complement to the green in the dress-especially if I buy some more leaves to add to it.

What do you think?



Can you envision it?

What shall I call this dress? The woman who wore the purple dress was named Heather Firbank.  She liked to wear heather colored clothes.  My name is not Heather and there is no such color as Wanda or my real name. So a green name.  This color is close to Olive. So my future dress will be called 1909 Olive.


I will work on this project….WOOL

Have you seen the movie “Up”?  I am the dog.giphy

Except it isn’t squirrels for me.  It is craft projects.  And this weekend it was wool.  In spite of my “You can’t buy any more wool until you use up what you have” rule, I bought more wool.  Truth be told, the fine print in that rule says “Unless you need it to complete a project or challenge…or it is a ridiculously low price…or you are at the Fiber Festival and every thing is so pretty and you simply must buy….”

So I bought more wool.  I have always wanted to try thrum mittens.

What the heck is a thrum?
A thrum is a little wisp of unspun fleece or roving that is knit into your project every so often. Thrumming makes the insides soft and fuzzy, and freakishly warm. This technique is most often associated with Canada’s Province of Newfoundland and Labrador -where they know warm

I have never made them before and I found a thrum mitt kit at the Fiber Festival.  The instructions said to thrum with strips 4″ long a about as thick as the wool you are knitting with.  Seems bigger than a “little wisp”!img_20161002_152659041_hdr

If they work out, they will be freakishly warm!  If they don’t work out, I will flip them inside out and use them as furry paws for Halloween.  It is hard to tell but the mitt is knitted up past the thumb hole.

The Fiber Festival also had a vendor who was selling all kinds of notions and findings one might want for a knitted or woven project.  I found a purse frame.  img_20161002_152720476

Seems to have an Art Deco kind of feel to me, but I will use it for a Victorian purse.