Car shopping

I think I’m starting to see a light that might mean the end of my nightmare tunnel of car accidents and auto insurance.  A sad but tolerable amount has been agreed upon by the insurance company and I for the loss of my car.  I am one physiotherapy treatment away from being done with the whip lash injury.  And I have completed a weekend of car shopping.  It started out with some head butting between hubby and I but it is with great relief, I can say we easily agreed on the winner of the search.  Tomorrow, he commences the haggling with the current owner and with any luck, I will have a car before I head out on vacation.

In celebration lets look at my hands down favorite paper doll dress from my Christmas paper doll book.img_20170108_163639848.jpg

Of course it is a Worth gown.  I would really love to see this gown but I can’t find anything better than sketches and attempted copies.  If anyone knows of a picture of the gown please point me towards it!

It reminds me of the gown I saw at Coco last summer.  Loved it!  The train lifted just like a peacock’s tail.  Pretty sure the Princess of Sagan’s dress didn’t do that!

Hello Dolly

I have no inspiration for this post other than my new paper doll book.  So here are a couple of my favorites.img_20170108_163623828.jpg

I love the lacy wrap on the doll on the left.  It would have absolutely no insulating ability but sure is pretty.

The gown on the right is very pretty!  This is saying a lot as I usually hate yellow in clothing…at least on me.  It would be nice to find a fabric like that one.

I think it is cute that the dolls are playing with dolls!

Belated gift

I received a belated Christmas gift last week.  Call me a big kid but I love it!


I don’t know if you ever played with paper dolls, but I have, and I loved them.  It is going to take a bit of self control to stop myself from cutting them out and playing with them!


I wont show you every page: you will have to get a copy of the book for yourself if you want to see them all.  I will just dole out a few of my favorites when I am having a dry spell for post material.  I will start you off with these two. img_20170108_163607042.jpg

Victoria’s pink thing is a bit much but LOVE Eugenie’s brown number!  The hat is FEATHER FABULOUS!

With that I wish you a fabulous week.  My goal is to keep on keeping on with my car drama and to sew up the chemise and corset cover I cut out this weekend.  I have a chemise but I could use another and the corset cover will be a new thing.  (Sorry Shirley, I am using the corset cover pattern you lent me somewhere around a year ago!  Totally forgot I had it.  Hopefully, I will have it done in time for our coffee date next week so I can give it back!)