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The next pair of photos in the carte de visit album I bought a few weeks ago feature a fellow on one side and two ladies on the other.


The gentleman is rocking a “hipster” look!

This photograph was taken in Wilmington Delaware by a photographer known to have been working in the 1860’s.  The square corners on the card suggest this date is possible.

The ladies and their dresses are, of course, more interesting.


Just look at the hair style of the lady to the right!


The dating of the card is a bit of a mystery.  The sleeves on the dresses say 60’s to me.  But where are the hoops in their skirts?


Same photographer as these photos.  A family? And is the same girl as an earlier post?


What do you think?


Another sweater for babies I don’t have

I had some wool left over from my last project and so I made another sweater.  I guess it will go into a hope chest for grand babies I may one day have.


There is a bit of wool left over.  I guess I will knit it up into a square and add it to a pile of other squares I have made that may one day become a crazy quilt afghan.

In sewing news, I finally cut out my tulip skirt that will go with my Edwardian shirtwaist. I hate cutting out.

I procrastinated so much, I may not have the skirt done on time to wear at the end of the month.  I was hoping to use this past long weekend to cut and at least sew all the long seams and all I managed to do was cut out and start another knitting project that I don’t need.

I’m a bit frustrated with myself.  I didn’t do as much on my skirt as I wanted and I started another knitting project when I have dozens of unfinished projects behind my couch and in my basement!  If only I didn’t have to work.  There would be so much more time to do projects.  Wouldn’t that be sweet to be able to make a list of all the projects I haven’t finished and all the projects I want to start and do nothing but work through that list!