Mexico recommendation

If you ever get to Mexico, Mayan Riviera side, check out Xenses.  Super cool.  They stimulate the senses with all kinds of tricks like optical illusion, thrills, sensory deprivation, humor and relaxation.  Great fun!

To take the photo below, we had to walk through various clumps of red and yellow metal objects stuck on the wall.  We had no idea that they spelt the name of the park until we got the photos.  I have no idea how anyone could make that!


The following photos are examples of optical illusions you can play with.





The only bathing suit photo of me I like!

Here is a sample of the thrills you can have at this park.


There is one spot where you are completely in the dark so you have to rely on what you feel with your hands and feet to get around.  Your other senses give you information so that you can tell what type of environment you are in.  Desert, forest…and so on.  The environment in the photo below was the only one I got wrong.  It was supposed to be a marsh but I have never been barefoot through a marsh so I identified it as something I had experienced, a wheat field.


The relaxing stuff was nice.  Two lazy rivers: one a salt water one and one a mud one. It was warm and gentle with relaxing music playing.


I loved the humor options.  It totally appealed to the kid in me!  Hubby was a sport and played along!


The most difficult part was the area that plays with the sense of up and down.  It triggered some vertigo and at one point I nearly fell down and both hubby and I got a bit nauseated. Still cool!


You can see the whole park in 3 hours if it isn’t busy.  We got lucky and hit a quiet day so no line ups.  I would definitely go back again.

Productive vacation

I have completed a few projects while vacationing. They have ceramic painting which I like it do…with all the other kids. This what I started with.

This is what I did.

And this is how it looks after they fixed it up and glazed it.

Me likey!

I tried my hand at water colors.

This was my inspiration.

And this is the result.

I won’t quit my day job.

And finally finished a scarf that I will need in a few days.

Trip to Tulum

The hubby and I went to Tulum for a tour. It was built sometime in the 1200’s…long before Canada was a twinkle in the European world’s eye. The above photo is of the Temple of the Creator.

Below is a photo of an area that was a house. They found skulls in there and they believe they were family members buried under the house to protect the rest of the family.

Hubby and I behind the main Temple, called the Castle. Below is a full veiw of the city with the Castle in the center.

The above photo is of the leaders house. Below is one of the most popular photo spots of the Temple of the Moon god.

Outside the gift shop I found a kindred spirit.

Vacation highlights

I am sitting on my balcony in Mexico. I have a great view of a parking lot thinly masked by palm trees. Not a great view but it is warm and the bird sounds are nice. The room has been less than stellar but the hotel itself is pretty, the food is good and there are tons of animals to see.

I have yet to get a good shot of the howler monkeys, coatis, iguanas and geckos we’ve seen.

Bit excited

Day off again and it is good. I have started working out some details for my up coming vacation

The doggy got her nails clipped. Ride to the airport worked out. Confirming ride to hotel and luggage is out.

You know I love the Victorian era but when you say “travel: Victorian era vs modern era”. I have to vote modern. Airplane travel is so much better than steamer ship when you only have time and money for a two week vacation!

Holiday with the animals

My computer is still broken. I am still pecking with one finger on my phone so you get another week of less wordy posts.

I was on holiday this week and the hubby and I went to see Kismet Creek Farm and the Winnipeg zoo. 

At the zoo, the wolves gave us an up close and personal view.

The polar bear was enjoying a cool dip in his pool.

He was having a great time with his toy.

I like the seals.

At Kismet Creek Farm there were donkeys.


And llamas.

Maybe I can work out a deal for some of that wool!

Look! A goat in a boat!

The farm is a rescue for at risk animals. Polkadot has some obvious jaw issues.

Gotta love the animals!

Back to the real world

I’m home from vacation.  Stress levels lowered, body full of vitamin D and mind full of vivid colors (which is a real reprieve from the endless vistas of white beige and grey we have here at home).

Here are some highlight photos:


We went to Jamaica and stayed in a very nice hotel.


We did a lot of snorkeling and shell hunting.  These are my favorite finds.


While snorkeling we saw many animals. Sea urchins…

DSCN0210 (2)

…lion fish (I think)…


…a sting ray…


… an eel (this guy scared the poo poo out of me! It is a water snake and I hate snakes!)


We fed some fish who were well used to this game!

Under water, we also saw a lobster, flounder, octopus, crab and barracuda but either failed to get a photo or the photo was crap.


On land we saw cats. Lots and lots of cats.


Here is a cute little hermit crab.


There were many birds, but this garling is the only one we successfully captured on film.


The flowers were every where and so vivid!

The shaving brush tree is something I’ve never seen before.  It dropped a flower so I added it to my hat.  It lasted for 3 days like that!


We did do a bit of shopping. Mostly I needed something to tame my wild hair (humidity).

We did two excursions.


Dunn’s river falls.

I climbed these falls in my 20’s.  I do not recall them being so hard or scary.  But these old knees and flabby body as well as a healthy dose of self preservation (which is often missing in your 20’s) and an acquired fear of heights made this grueling so I took one of the “off ramps” about 3/4’s of the way up.  Hubby was able to complete it.

The next outing was to the Blue Hole.


The Blue Hole was a two fold excursion.  A dip in the Blue Hole and some tubing on a river.  Hubby opted to leave his water camera behind so no photos of this.  So here is the story.

I failed to understand that before you can take your dip in the Blue Hole you have to climb some falls to get to it.  Note story above.  The night before had been significantly rainy so the falls were moving rather fast.  For that reason we were given the optional life jacket (I’ll take it!) We were crossing the falls from one side to the other right next to a precipice, one at a time, with the guide helping each person.  So obviously a tricky part.  I lost my balance and fell and the water started pushing me towards the edge.  In my mind I saw myself going over and at best breaking a leg or a worst cracking my head or neck and ending up permanently disabled or dead.  I was terrified and I believe I cried like a little girl.

Mercifully the sure footed guide Daniel (who’s name I will never forget and will always be in my prayers) was able to stop me from going over until the hubby and the other guide (Little T who was mercifully not little) were able to get to me and get me back on my feet.  I did get to the top of the falls this time (with guides being very attentive to my fears) and did enjoy the diving and swimming part.

The rafting was way more to my speed.  No need for me to rely on my knees and crappy sense of balance!

So except for the “little scare” I had a great time in Jamaica.  I feel rested and ready to face the rest of the winter!



The vacation had some sunny moments

My last post was a “trials and tribulations while on vacation” post.  But the truth is, it was still nice to get away from the cold, see another place in this world and to meet new people.

Though the weather was not perfect, it was warmer than home.img_20170203_124735998_hdr

And there were plenty of lovely views.

The hubby and I did leave the hotel on one excursion.  The first stop was a sugar cane plantation.  Now a days, the plantations are mechanized but they had a demonstration of how it used to be done.  They also explained the planting and growth cycle for sugar cane.

The next stage of the tour was to a former sugar cane processing plant.  They explained how that worked which I always like.  There used to be a show on TV about how things are made.  I find that fascinating for some reason.

The plant no longer functions but it houses a train museum.


This was my primary reason for wanting to take this tour.  I’m always working.  Some of the old fellows that I work with in my job worked on the railroad and I thought they’d appreciate pictures of old steam trains in another country.  I took more pictures of that than anything else!  As we speak, I am waiting for the guy who is going to print the pictures up in a large easy to see format.sam_3854

The numbers on the train have a meaning.  The first number is how the train is powered.  1 means “steam”.  The second is how strong the train is.  When we tried ask if it was measured in horse power, the Spanish tour guides looked at us blankly so I’m not sure.  But, some trains had a second number of 1 and others had a 6 or a 7 so the above train is stronger than some and weaker than some.  The last two numbers are its personal number.  So the above train is the 18th in the 5 horse power (?) steam train group.  The box immediately behind the engine has the name of the plantation it came from.sam_3839

This 1 horse power (?) steam train is #5 and it comes from Central Orozeo plantation.  Poor little weak train…the little engine that could….

Anyway, my train guys are gonna eat this stuff up!

We then had a short ride on one of the old steam trains.  It was a nice way to see some of the country side.  We stopped at a shabby old station.sam_3867

From there, our bus picked us up and took us into the city of Cardenas.

In Cardenas, we had a quick tour of a museum.  To quick tour in my opinion!


There was some lovely items in there.  And if you paid a fee, you could take photos.  I didn’t because we weren’t going to be in there long enough.  If I were to go again, I’d definitely find away to spend more time in there and I’d take pictures!


Across the street from the Museum was this lovely tree with the red leaves or flowers.

Cuba has wonderful people living there.  They know how to make you feel special with just little things.  Our maid was sweet!  She kept leaving us notes and rearranging our bed sheets in cute ways.  The first day she made two peacocks cuddling.  She dressed the male in one of my scarves.sam_3794

I called him the male because he seemed to have the tail.  The next day, those dang peacocks really made themselves at home!sam_3800

We found them reading in our bed!sam_3801

I laughed my head off!  This was actually one of the highlights for me!

So this concludes my vacation posts.  I’m back in my Winter Wonderland and I’m back at work.  Time to get back to my sewing projects and to get back on the HSF band wagon! Late with my entry…as usual.