Robbed again

We went for a train ride on Sunday.

The Prairie Dog Central Line really needs to get some Mounties guarding the train.  I think this is the 5th year in a row we’ve been robbed!  There was a sheriff but I think he was in on it.  3

We were riding to the next town, enjoying the view and each others company.


Suddenly the train was stopped and we saw masked riders.

They boarded the train and robbed us.  They claimed they were donating it to cancer research but I think it went to the desperado’s whiskey fund.

Poor Lottie got the worst of it.  She was so destitute it was like seeing Anne of Green Gables waiting and forlorn.37


The missing outing

I have gone over and over my blog trying to find the outing that I wore my 1860’s Silky Skies dress.  I can’t find it.  So I’m hoping I am showing you new material and not boring you with a repeat!

According to Facebook, this event happened days after I started my new job which may explain the total brain fart that seems to have happened.  And according to these photos, I wore Silky Skies and Lottie wore her 1880’s ensemble.


Shirley wore an 1850’s ensemble.


It was a lovely summer day, perhaps a bit bright, so we took a lot of photos outside.


It is cold and white out there so I am missing all those flowers!28

Before going inside, a nice fellow passed by and offered to take a group photo.39

Then it was inside to view all the pretty things.65

And learn a few things about our local history.51

I always find staircase photos fun!71

Perhaps I like them because I know how challenging it is with our modern stride to look graceful on stairs!

Outing to the St. Boniface Museum

Shirley and I went to the St. Boniface Museum this weekend.  2It was my chance to wear something new and Shirley’s chance to wear something she hasn’t had enough opportunities to wear.62

For the most part, I was pleased with how the dress looks on but there were some issues with the jacket not sitting right.  I think the problem was the corset is the wrong era (and not small enough) so the “girls” were not smooth enough.5c

See how it rides up.

Before leaving home, I got the hubby to take an “at home” photo.1a

Corset cover required!  As well as a more appropriate corset!  The hoops need work too but I will acknowledge that they didn’t fall off this time, and I finally have them short enough that I don’t step on them (unless the ground is really hilly).

The St. Boniface Museum was built in 1847 and served many purposes.

1847 – 1956 Under the auspices of the Grey Nuns, the convent served as Western Canada’s first hospital, orphanage and seniors’ home. It was also a school, initially for both girls and boys; Louis Riel was a student here. Eventually, the Sisters operated a boarding school for girls.

Louis Riel was a Metis person (Aboriginal and French parents). 72

He was not pleased with how his people were being treated by the Canadian Government and he led a rebellion that set up a provisional government which ultimately started what became the province of Manitoba.  He is now known and honored as the founder of my province but at the time, the ruling class were not pleased with his actions and he and his supporters were imprisoned and he was hung.  Canada is a great country but it has some ugly skeletons in its closet…the treatment of the aboriginal people is one.

Because of his connection to the convent, many artifacts of his life and death are preserved in the museum.  There is also many artifacts related to the Metis peoples…7a

…and, of course the Catholic Church in Manitoba.  13

The nuns who ran and used the building for a century are represented as well.

Different displays were set up to represent Victorian and Edwardian rooms.  (It really is a big place!)  33

I loved the dishes from the above table and the nut cracker on the near by side board.

They had several nice examples of spinning wheels that makes me think I need to get back on mine!11

Shirley and I had fun trying to photograph ourselves in the mirrors.


When I got home, I played with my phone app and made a few special pictures just for the heck of it.44a

Apron: I couldn’t resist

A few weekends ago, the hubby and I checked out a few antique shops. We made a stop at The Old House Revival Company, which is a multiple vendor shop that has old house fixtures, furniture, knickknacks and clothing for sale.  I saw many things I wanted…many of which I could afford, but I couldn’t justify them.  Except for one thing.  An apron that was beautifully trimmed and starched to near cardboard crispness.  That I couldn’t resist!  IMG_20160807_121745

I will find a way to make this useful.  Perhaps, dear Victorian at Heart girls, I will host a costumed tea this winter.  You will come to my non-Victorian home and pretend you are my Victorian girlfriends come to tea and a hand sewing/knit session.  May be we will get really authentic and watch a Victorian themed movie!

Are there any apron experts that can tell me what the best time period would be for this apron and if there is anything I should do to make is more Victorian.  Did they have the neck strap or was the bib just pinned on?  IMG_20160807_115725766

Mosquitos and graves: Little Britain Church

I went on an outing this weekend with my good costuming bud, Shirley.  This time we went to a little church called Little Britain Church.00

Shirley wore her new 1886 Butter Scotch dress.  Great colors!14

I wore my 1873 Purple Polonaise.8

Will they let us in, do you think?11

The original church from the 1850’s is gone now.  The current building (which is still in use) was built in the 1870’s.20There are graves from the 1850’s up to today.2864

We walked along the river which was an infested breeding ground for mosquitos.  All the layers of clothes were a blessing except the only exposed flesh they could get at was our faces!53

Shirley and I seem to have a bit of a problem with staying in character!


And sometimes we are just silly!


Great Train Robbery 2016

It was time for the annual train robbery trip on the Prairie Dog Central.  Here are some of the best from my camera.


Lottie’s first time for the train robbery!


Shirley cozying up to the Sheriff!


The “robbery” raised over $700 for cancer patient services.

We stopped in Grosse Isle for some food and photo ops.


Good advice for our young female traveler posted on the wall behind her!


Here is the group posing with some of the desperados!

It was a cool wet day so some of the costume details got lost in wraps but Lottie and Shirley were in 1890’s and I was in 1880’s.23.jpg

We spent some time in the little house from 1880’s.  A good place for photos when it is raining.

That was fun!

Victorian at Heart 2016 Costume Season is launched

The first costume event is both exciting and stressful.  It is exciting because we are putting on pretty dresses and doing fun things.  And we are frequently the center of attention. The extrovert side of me loves this.

Costume events are stressful too.  Will that dress/corset still fit?  Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? “People will look at me and think I am nuts!” That last bit comes from the anxious introvert in me.

I have to ignore the Introvert’s protests and get dressed and venture out.  And I’m always pleased that I did.  It is like parachuting.  You don’t want to jump out of the plane but once you do, it is a thrill.  Or so they tell me.  No freaking way I’d ever jump out of a perfectly functional plane.  That is just nuts.

This years first event was a play at a local church.  The play was called My Fair Brit and was about a British man who lands in the wild west and tries to fit in but his accent and frilly language makes it very difficult for him to communicate and make friends.  In true wild west fashion, Shirley and I donned bustle dresses and enjoyed the play!  After the play, we were allowed to use the stage as a back drop.SAM_3649

I brought a shawl because we have been having freakishly cold weather this spring.  I was glad I brought it.

This next photo is my favorite.  SAM_3651

I also really like this one.SAM_3652

The cast of the play was so friendly, they even allowed us to take some pictures with them.SAM_3654

There is that wardrobe malfunction!  My bodice seems to have ridden up under my arm pit!

In between acts, there was coffee, tea and dessert.  I was a real piggy and had two desserts!


We are well and truly off to a good start.  The next event is in two weeks time!