Going further back in time

Obviously, the Victorian era is my “thing”.  But, I am not opposed to trying something out of my usual.  A couple of years ago I went “Medieval” and I loved it!

Every two years the church at Cross Creek Manitoba does a Medieval Festival to raise funds for the up keep and the renovations to their building.27

They went with the Medieval theme because next to the church they have an outdoor spot that they call the Grotto that has a distinct “castle” ambiance. Stupid me, I didn’t get a good photo of the structure but you can see a hint of it in the foreground of the above photo.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the jousting.  So COOL!7

There were several different jousters from all over Canada.  1

This was the oldest horse in the completion.  Sweet boy.  I had an opportunity to pet him.  As I rubbed his forehead I spoke to him.  He took a step closer and with one eye, he looked deeply into my eyes.  I felt like he was really listening to me as I spoke.12

This is the hubby petting the same horse.  You can see that his rider is a female jouster (from Boston).  There were 3 in the competition and the women compete against the men. Pretty impressive!17

This jouster was from Sweden.  I thought his armor was the best.

Now obviously, you can’t bring your horse from Sweden to Canada.  Even from the Boston area for a couple of days would be a bit of a pain so the riders all borrowed horses that come from the same farm near Calgary.  I believe most are rescues as well.6

This particular horse, in the photo above, is named Jack and he is a celebrity.  He was featured in an episode of a Canadian TV show called Heartland.  His mane was amazing.  It moved so gracefully as he ran…just like hair in a shampoo commercial.  Don’t know how he did that!22

The above horse was not in the competition but he was around doing meet and greets.  He was a rescue with some dominance issues but now he is a gentle giant.  He will let you rub his forehead and slowly let his eyes drift shut.  So pretty!

Several cultural groups were featured at the festival, and in keeping with the horse theme, I will mention the Cossacks.2423

Costumes were also a wonderful feature.  Check these guys out!   By far the best I saw!26

Some were in the”awesome Dad” category.  28

In my head, I called this guy Charlie.38

“Hi Charlie”.

“Hi Angel’s”40

How many under the age of 40 get that joke….

I was hoping my younger son could come and wear the chainmail coif I made him but he was swamped with work.  I asked the hubby to dress up again but it really isn’t his thing.  He was a long suffering sport last time so I cut him some slack this year.  May be next time one of the boys will wear the coif, or I will take some inspiration from the jousting ladies and go all “Joan of Arc”!