Mommy had to work but I did not

While I was slaving away at work yesterday (Saturday), my pooch was in the lap of 1

Nothing like a vigorous tummy rub to get one all 3



I feed the birds

At work, we have some bird feeders set up outside the windows of the main rooms.  My seniors spend hours looking outside at the birds.  But it isn’t just birds eating there.  A few weeks back I posted about the rabbits that eat there 1Don’t tell the boss, but we also get mice.

Now that spring has arrived, we have new 1

Excuse the messy yard.  It is spring and landscaping is on the agenda for this year.  Looks like crap now. photo 2We think this is the Misses of the pair.  Hubby was standing guard on the 3

If the window wasn’t there, she’s be about 2 feet away from my seniors.  They are loving their “nature” show.  We spent quite some time watching them and joking that I may be over feeding the sparrows a bit!

I taut I taw a bunny wabbit!

I keep some bird feeders full near the window where my seniors (at work) sit and eat their meals.  They often tell me about all the cute little birds that hang out there and about how fat they are.  Hmmmm.  I wonder if they have their glasses on….?photo 2

Lets see that up closer…photo 1

Yup, definitely a rabbit…cute little rabbit…I want to hold you and kiss you and call you George…. Sorry got carried away there.

Look at this…Monday again

Weekends do go pretty fast don’t they?  Don’t get me wrong.  I like my job and all its little

I’m the only person at work that has the little perk of having Stevie the Wonder Bird relax into my strokes.  Look at how his eyes are starting to close to slits!  Sometimes he relaxes to the point that he can’t hold his head up and he rests his beak on the floor by his feet.

That is a nice perk but the weekends still go to fast.