I have not forsaken you

I’ve been quiet this week as I’m am wrapped up in some more self imposed deadlines as well as the start of the madness known as Christmas.  I’ve completed some projects but they will have to wait until after Christmas for posting as they will be gifts.

In the mean time, it is snowing here and it looks like it is here to stay.  With that in mind, I give you a pair of winter boots dated 1900.

In the Costume Museum of Canada's collection

In the Costume Museum of Canada’s collection

Blue velvet and white fur...my guess is rabbit.

Blue velvet and white fur…my guess is rabbit.

My wrists are bigger than…

I was looking at some lovely button boots from the 1910’s and thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could buy a pair and put them on”.  I won’t bother stating the obvious about the narrowness of the Victorian foot compared to a modern foot.  We walk around bare foot.  We like comfortable runners and sandles.  Our feet haven’t been squished every moment of our waking day so they are WIDE.  But did you know that our ankles are likely an issue as well.  Apparently they are for me at least!

My wrist is wider!

My wrist is wider!

They also have the heel sticking out so far behind the ankle part.boot 2

Still pretty.  I saw two pairs of 1910’s boots that were virtually unworn.boot 1

The second pair was stretchy in the ankle part.boot 4

Chinese Victorians

I was at the Costume Museum of Canada last night and this is the coolest thing I found for the evening.photo 5

It is, of course a Chinese shoe for a woman who had foot binding and is dated as 1900. It is both beautiful (in terms of the embroidery) and ugly when  you think of the years of pain that must have caused!photo 2

There is only the one shoe.  I haven’t found the other and don’t know if there actually is another.  Both sides of the shoe are embroidered.photo 4

I have no idea how a woman would have walked in these.  The heel of the shoe is near my thumb in the above photo.  That means the ball and toe end of the shoe is EXTREMELY narrow with the actual foot twisted in on itself inside the shoe!  It is also very short.  This one is 6 inches long but I’ve heard the desired length was 3 inches.  And some folks think corsets were bad!

But before we go thinking we are ever so much better at treating women and their bodies humanely, I have 3 words for you…stilettos and under-wire bras.  We’ve progressed, but we still seem to think that a woman has to suffer to achieve good looks.