I’d like to introduce you to Britta

SAM_2754 aIn this photo, I would place Britta at mid to late teens-early 20’s at the oldest.

Britta Abramson (Shoberd) Born 1855-died 1893

Britta Abramson (Shoberd) Born 1855-died 1893

I love it when there are names and dates on the cards.  If it is correct, you can make assumptions.  One assumption was she was married.  If the dates supplied on the back of the card are correct, we can glean two things…1) she did not live long. She would have been 37-38 when she died.  Did she fall to the dangers that many married woman fell to-child birth?  The second thing we can glean is the date of the card.  If she was mid teens to early 20’s then this card was made around 1870-79.

The dress is in good condition but fairly plain and there is very little jewelry (just a small pin at the throat) so we can guess she was not dirt poor but neither was she rolling in the cash!

The maiden name is not British.  In Canada (and I assume it was the same for the States) the ruling class tended to be from Protestant Britain.  Her name is possibly German.  She and her family would have been considered immigrants and worker class…possibly farmers.  The married name is possibly English.